The Ultimate Maximizing a Studio Apartment Quiz
by Staff
A small apartment offers the perfect opportunity to implement big ideas. Your choice of color, furniture and design will make all the difference in creating a space that is both functional and attractive. Take this quiz and see how easily you can learn to turn small into smart and sophisticated.

Which phrase most accurately describes a studio apartment?

  • a one-room apartment that is very small
  • a two-room apartment that is large and airy
  • a place to live, paint and exhibit your artwork

What is a monochromatic palette?

  • a person who likes only one type of food
  • one color and its varying shades
  • a wide variety of colors

How can you inject more than one color into a studio apartment?

  • Have each piece of furniture be a different color.
  • Paint every wall a different color.
  • Use colorful accessories and wall art.

What is one advantage of using a neutral shade as your main color?

  • It’s easier to keep clean.
  • You save money by not buying expensive, high-gloss paint.
  • You can replace accessories with another color and not clash with the overall look.

What does the term SCALE refer to in regard to interior design?

  • the square footage of the space
  • the size of the furnishings in relation to the size of the room
  • the combined weight of the furnishings

What is one of the advantages of using glass accessories in a studio apartment?

  • Glass blends right in with any color scheme.
  • Glass is not as expensive as wood or metal.
  • Glass has a more contemporary look and feel.

What should you look for when furniture shopping for your studio apartment?

  • pieces with onboard storage
  • large free-standing items
  • a set of separate storage pieces

What do narrow dressers, drop-leaf tables and modular computer desks have in common?

  • They are all made of wood.
  • They are scaled-down versions of their traditional counterparts.
  • They are all the same item.

What items can you use to create specific areas in the apartment?

  • concrete walls or brick bookshelves
  • dividers, specialty lighting or carpeting
  • signs that name each area or large arrows that point to them

What items are used in design to make a space look larger?

  • mirrors
  • 3-D devices
  • wall-to-wall murals

What can serve as a divider, storage space and decoration all in one?

  • wall-mounted or free-standing shelves
  • a hand-painted Japanese screen
  • a steamer trunk

Where should you place a mirror to maximize the amount of natural light you get?

  • opposite a window
  • next to a window
  • under a window

What is an economical way to save on buying a large mirror?

  • Hang up a picture of a large mirror.
  • Buy two or three small mirrors.
  • Buy all the materials and make a mirror yourself.

How can you store practical items on open shelving and still have the shelves look attractive?

  • Paint the items all the same color.
  • Put the items in decorative boxes and containers.
  • Cover that part of the shelf with pretty fabric.

What is the best way to camouflage any architectural irregularities your apartment may have?

  • Keep the predominant shades of the studio neutral.
  • Cover them with billowing fabric.
  • Paint them a bright color and call them a focal point.

How should you decide where to set up the various functional spaces in your apartment?

  • by looking through design magazines
  • by asking other people who live in studio apartments
  • by determining where the traffic flow will be correct

Which statement about studio apartments is true?

  • Studio apartments have a lot of storage space.
  • Studio apartments have a limited amount of storage space. correct
  • Studio apartments have no storage space at all.

In the bedroom, where is a convenient place to store items besides the closet or shelves?

  • in the window
  • under the bed
  • under the covers

What is the term for three small end tables that fit under each other?

  • nook tables
  • nestling tables
  • nesting tables

What kind of couch is most appropriate for a studio apartment?

  • a large couch
  • a streamlined couch
  • a couch potato