Quiz: Study Like an All-star
by Staff
All-stars are known for their prowess, be known for yours by daring to take this quiz.

What's the first step in improving reading comprehension?

  • Pump up the volume on your favorite I Heart Radio station.
  • Find a comfy chair at Barnes & Noble.
  • Clear your mind of distractions.

What are the proven steps to promoting reading comprehension?

  • survey/question/read/recite/review
  • scan/read/repeat
  • read/write/arithmetic

What's the best way to highlight important information in your textbook?

  • Read the passage and highlight the important points as you go along.
  • Read the passage first without the highlighter. Then read a second time, highlighting just the key points.
  • Don't highlight anything. It hasn't been proven to help you study more effectively.

You have a math test in the morning. Should you stay up all night to cram for the exam?

  • yes
  • no
  • only if you can take a nap just before class

You're in the middle of a test and the answer is on the tip of your tongue, but you can't remember it. What do you do next?

  • Move on to the next question; the answer will come to you later.
  • Stay with that question until the answer comes to you.
  • Daydream about something else until you remember.

If you need to commit proper names to memory, which name game works best?

  • Count a sheep for every name you need to know.
  • No games, just memorize the names.
  • Pair an image (especially a funny one) with the name.

What is a memory palace?

  • a great vacation spot
  • a spatial technique used to boost memory
  • the name of a 17th-century German castle

The idea of a "memory palace" was first described by whom?

  • Napoleon
  • Cicero
  • Sigmund Freud

What is an interchangeable term for memory palace?

  • word rehearsal
  • memory bungalow
  • method-of-loci

To retain what you study, make this simple change:

  • Use multiple study locations.
  • Chew gum.
  • Loosen the waistband of your skinny jeans -- aah, now your brain can breathe!

Is it more effective to build a study session around a single concept or multiple, related ideas?

  • Study one idea at a time.
  • Study multiple, related ideas.
  • They're about the same.

Will you get a better grade if you study the material over a period of weeks or cram it all in a day or two before the test?

  • Doesn't matter -- your brain can handle it either way.
  • It's better to cram -- your brain won’t have time to forget the material.
  • It's better to study over a longer time; you'll remember more of what you learn.

Why are tests and quizzes important to information recall?

  • They change the way information is stored in your brain.
  • They monitor your progress compared with peers.
  • They aren't important, but schools like to give them.

How can music aid your math studies?

  • Listening to music while you study helps you remember better.
  • Using rhythm and musical notation concepts can help you understand mathematical concepts better.
  • Learning an instrument activates the same part of your brain that studying math does.

How long should you study before taking a break?

  • two hours
  • 90 minutes
  • less than an hour

Why are good study habits like dog training?

  • You can reinforce positive behavior with a reward.
  • You'll learn to wag your tail.
  • Punishing doesn't help to change habits.

The comprehensive study technique known as SOAR, stands for:

  • Sort/Optimum/Articles/Reload
  • Sipping sodas/Oreos are good/Afterward eat French fries/React by going to the gym
  • Selecting key ideas/Organizing information/Associating ideas/Regulating learning through practice

Research shows students who do this have higher GPAs than their peers:

  • test themselves with the course material
  • study with a group
  • work part-time

If you want to remember material from a classroom lecture, what should you do?

  • Follow along in the textbook or course outline and highlight key points.
  • Take notes during the lecture.
  • Listen very attentively so your brain can retrieve the info later.

What is one crucial step to take <i>before</i> you study?

  • Set a study goal.
  • Get a cup of coffee.
  • Make sure you have all your study supplies, like pens or laptop handy.