The Ultimate Stunt Vacation Quiz
by Staff
Here's the chance to bring out the daredevil in you: a stunt vacation. This is an exhilarating experience, not for the weak of heart. Take this quiz to find out whether it's for you.

How long have stunt vacations been in vogue?

  • since 1972
  • since 1982
  • since 1992

Who goes on stunt vacations?

  • adrenaline junkies and bachelorette parties
  • corporate groups and celebrity event participants
  • both of the above

What movie-related activities can you do on a stunt vacation?

  • stunt driving
  • skydiving
  • bungee jumping

Can you participate in hand-to-hand combat in stunt fighting?

  • Certainly!
  • Unfortunately not.
  • Yes, if you pay extra (for the training sessions).

When they strap you into a harness, suspended in the air with pulley-supported wires, what is this called?

  • wire strapping
  • wire flying
  • high flying

What does it mean if you're set on fire during a high-speed car chase?

  • Something has gone seriously wrong.
  • You've achieved professional stuntman status.
  • You're doing a "human torch" stunt.

How far down can you plummet in a bungee-jumping stunt?

  • over 100 feet (30 meters)
  • over 150 feet (46 meters)
  • over 180 feet (54 meters)

When bungee jumping, what do you need to decide in advance?

  • if you are afraid of heights or not
  • if you should eat beforehand or not
  • if you want to go solo or in tandem

Bungee jumping face first with outstretched arms is called a _____ dive.

  • freestyle
  • swallow
  • back

What takes place when you do zip-lining?

  • Suspended in a harness, you descend along a wire at high speed over beautiful landscape.
  • Suspended in a cable car, you zip along a wire, then do a final somersault.
  • You zip along a track at high speed in a bullet train.

When tandem diving at between 2.2 and 5.6 miles (3.5 and 9 kilometers) high, how do you know when to pull your parachute cord?

  • You decide together with your tandem partner.
  • Your instructor tells you.
  • You make an educated guess.

What is the minimum age requirement for stunt vacationing?

  • 21 years of age
  • any age but parental consent required
  • 18 years of age

In addition to providing documentation of good health, you need to sign a waiver before stunt vacationing. Why?

  • to absolve the stunt vacation provider of responsibility for your safety
  • because the stunt vacation provider assumes no liability for injuries sustained
  • to waive any contesting to your will in the event that they need to locate your next of kin

If you go on a stunt vacation with Las Vegas-based Thrillseekers Unlimited, how much is your insurance coverage worth?

  • $3 million
  • $4 million
  • $5 million

In the U.K., how can you find out if your instructor is adequately qualified?

  • Check it out on the JISC Stunt Register.
  • Do a Google search.
  • Ask your stunt vacation provider.

It costs about $2,600 per person for a five-day stunt vacation package with Las Vegas-based Thrillseekers Unlimited. What does this include?

  • accommodation, equipment, insurance and transportation (instruction, if needed, is extra)
  • flights to Nevada, accommodation, equipment and instruction (insurance costs extra)
  • accommodation, equipment, instruction, transportation and insurance

Where can you take a three-day stunt vacation for about $4,000?

  • Adventure Sports Holiday
  • Tandem Halo Jumping
  • Covert Ops Fantasy Camp

At Tandem Halo Jumping in Somerville, Tennessee, what do you get at the end of your three-day vacation?

  • a degree in stunt aeronautics
  • a certificate of completion
  • a bill for $2,000

In what country can you do Star Wars and Gladiator-type stunts?

  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Canada

At Adventure Sports Holiday in the U.K., what must you have for the stunt driving activity?

  • prior experience
  • a valid international driver's license
  • a valid U.K. driver's license