Summer Decorating Quiz
by Staff
Winter is over, and with the arrival of warmer temperatures, it’s time to pack up those heavy winter blankets and remove the tarp from your backyard swimming pool. Is your home ready for summer? Test your summer decorating knowledge to see if you and your home are in harmony with the spirit of the season!

Painting a porch ceiling a light shade of blue is a retro trend that's making a comeback. What's the most popular reason for painting porch ceilings blue?

  • Especially those in the South, people believe that the color blue chases away evil spirits.
  • When dusk approaches, a blue ceiling gives the illusion that it's still daylight.
  • Blue is believed to keep bugs away and prevent them from building a nest in a ceiling’s corners.

Installing a high-quality screen and storm door can be a year-round money-saver because:

  • Insects are unable to get inside, saving you money on pest-control bills.
  • Its natural ventilation structure will lower cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.
  • Screen and storm doors are made of less expensive materials than other kinds of doors.

At what height do decorating experts recommend you hang artwork in your home?

  • Artwork should be hung at eye level, with the center about 60 inches above the floor.
  • Artwork should be hung slightly above eye level, about 75 inches above the floor.
  • Rules don’t apply to hanging artwork; hang pictures and art at whatever height you choose.

The perfect tiki bar accessory, a kegerator, is:

  • a refrigerated compartment, cabinet or room for storing kegs of beer at low temperatures
  • an insulated container used to store alcoholic beverages
  • a refrigerator designed to hold a full or half barrel keg of beer and to dispense the beer through a faucet by way of pressurized gas

Harder and more durable paint finishes are not recommended for porch floor painting because:

  • They collect dirt and aren't sustainable for heavy-duty cleaning.
  • Wood is constantly expanding and contracting with changes in the environment, and non-flexible paint prevents it from doing so.
  • They are highly toxic and bad for the environment.

Painting a room a summery shade of blue, turquoise or green is likely to make you feel:

  • relaxed and refreshed, promoting peacefulness and concentration
  • excited, cheerful and stimulated
  • morose and depressed

When setting a table for an outdoor summer soiree, beverage glasses, including water, wine and champagne flutes, should be placed with the water glass to the extreme left, and then used in what directional order?

  • right to left
  • left to right
  • follow the example of whoever's at the head of the table

When choosing materials to build a potting bench, consider a good weather-resistant wood, like:

  • pine
  • fir
  • cedar

Before decorating your home with the sand dollar seashells you collected at the beach, what is the best method for cleaning them?

  • Leave sand dollars in the sun outside to dry over several warm summer days.
  • Soak sand dollars in a 30 percent bleach and 70 percent water solution and let sit for 15 minutes until dry.
  • Soak sand dollars in a 70 percent bleach and 30 percent water solution and let sit for 15 minutes until dry.

How long does it take water in an outdoor solar shower to reach a warm temperature?

  • immediately
  • 15 to 20 minutes
  • 1 to 2 hours