The Ultimate Party Decorating Quiz
by Staff
These summer party decorating themes will prepare you for daylight saving time. Test your knowledge of summer party decorating themes by taking this quiz.

To add some scent to your evening party, what should you plant in your summer garden?

  • night-blooming jasmine
  • orange trees
  • lemon grass

_________ are great finger foods for summer garden parties.

  • Kabobs
  • Pastas
  • Salads

Before making a puppy party appearance, puppies should have current:

  • inoculations
  • tags
  • fashionable collars

To get that beach feeling, instead of conventional tablecloths use __________________ to decorate the tables .

  • terrycloth towels
  • brown paper
  • newsprint

When hosting a summer puppy party, make sure to have plenty of what cool beverage?

  • beer
  • water
  • soft drinks

What is the least desired job at a puppy party?

  • puppy cleanup
  • dishwasher
  • cook

If your host has disposable cameras on the tables, does that mean guests get to take some home?

  • If you have finished all the film, you can take the camera home.
  • Guests are encouraged to take party photos and leave the cameras for the host.
  • You may take unused cameras home.

At a Polynesian-themed party, what kind of skirt may the buffet table wear?

  • raffia skirt
  • beach sarong
  • Scottish kilt

For a Christmas-in-July-themed summer party, what will add Christmas ambiance?

  • winter accessories
  • Christmas carols
  • show tunes

Where is the best location to fry a turkey?

  • indoors
  • outdoors
  • covered patio

What Wild West dish is prepared in a slow cooker?

  • beans
  • steak
  • cole slaw

To accessorize a Wild West party, what fabric is a good choice?

  • kerchief
  • polka dots
  • tropical print

If you don't have any water, is it appropriate to have an under-the-sea party?

  • You should only have a water themed party if you live near water.
  • You can have any theme you like.
  • It would be appropriate but silly.

A treasure chest is a great idea for an under-the-sea party. What can you do with all the treasures?

  • The treasures would make great party favors.
  • The treasures are really empty boxes.
  • The treasures are for the host.

A great game for a south of the border fiesta is the:

  • piñata game
  • Scrabble game
  • Monopoly game

What kind of music will get your guests in the south-of-the-border mood?

  • mariachi
  • opera
  • jazz

Which movie is a classic baseball film?

  • Psycho
  • Field of Dreams
  • Halloween II

What traditional baseball stadium snack should you serve at your baseball-theme party?

  • hot dogs
  • peanuts
  • both

At authentic Hawaiian luaus, what dish is roasted in a pit?

  • lobster
  • pig
  • turkey

For a Hawaiian-theme party, fresh fruit salad is just the right dish. When should you prepare the fruit salad?

  • Prepare fruit salad and serve immediately.
  • Prepare fruit salad several hours before serving.
  • Prepare fruit salad the day before the party.