Sun Exposure and Scars Quiz
by Staff
Test your knowledge of how the sun affects the healing of scars with this quiz about what skin exposure does to scars.

What should you avoid when trying to heal a scar?

  • The sun
  • Alcohol
  • Vitamin E

Scars are:

  • A natural part of the skin's healing process
  • A sign that you're improperly treating your body
  • Very serious and could indicate serious health consequences

When a scar becomes sunburned, it can turn brown and become more noticeable.

  • TRUE

Sun exposure can also cause the scarred skin to thicken:

  • TRUE

What's the minimum SPF should you use on your scare before going outside?

  • SPF 15
  • SPF 30
  • SPF 50

Thickening and browning of the scar can:

  • Make the scar more difficult to treat
  • Cause permanent scarring in certain incidents
  • Both A&B

What is the best thing you can do to prevent a scar from getting too much sun exposure?

  • Keep it covered by clothing or a bandage
  • Never go in the sun
  • Use sunscreen

If you have a facial scar that is difficult to cover with a bandage, you should:

  • Very liberally apply sunscreen to the area
  • Stay indoors
  • Wear a hat

It is possible to predict how a scar will look after healing.

  • TRUE

Keloid scars are:

  • A type of scar that forms after surgery
  • The most common type of scar
  • Made up