The Sun Tsu Military Tactics Quiz
by Staff
"The Sun Tsu," or "The Art of War," has guided military commanders for hundreds of years. How much do you know about the military tactics in this esteemed book?

If other forces are battling, how should you join the fray?

  • Wait until they are both tired.
  • Approach from an angle that allows you to engage only one of the forces in the battle.
  • Stay out of it.

How can you create illusions that confuse your foe?

  • Many signal fires
  • Divide your forces
  • Lie

In order to crush your enemy, you must feign what?

  • Disorder
  • Great power
  • Knowledge

If your enemy is uphill from your forces, how should you advance?

  • You shouldn't.
  • From the side
  • From the flank

What is an excellent way to throw off your enemy before an attack?

  • Pretend you are sleeping
  • Feint one way, attack from another direction.
  • Fireworks and beautiful women

When you finally decide to attack, how should you do it?

  • Slowly
  • Carefully
  • Decisively

If you outnumber your enemy by 10 to one, how should you approach their forces?

  • Flank them.
  • Surround them.
  • Attack them head on.

If your forces outnumber your enemy by five to one, what should you do?

  • Divide them.
  • Feign retreat and then attack.
  • Attack them straight on.

When is the best time to attack another force?

  • When your troop levels are at their maximum
  • When the weather is in your favor
  • When your foe is dealing with internal conflict

If your enemy outnumbers you, your field commanders should always maintain the capacity for what?

  • Retreat
  • Full-frontal assault
  • Flanking maneuvers

If the strength of your forces isn't favorable, you should do what?

  • Find a new homeland.
  • Cajole an ally into attacking for you.
  • Build up your forces over time.

If you want to lull an enemy into a false sense of superiority, what can you do?

  • Pretend that your forces are wounded.
  • Leave treasures scattered about.
  • Hide your weapons.

When preparing for a battle on the field, what should you always do?

  • Set up camp.
  • Show up before your enemy.
  • Sharpen your blades.

If all of your tactics fail, what should you do?

  • Surrender
  • Retreat
  • Commit ritual suicide

If you want to initiate discord within an enemy camp, what should you send their way?

  • Women
  • Extra gunpowder
  • Money

If your enemy is superior to you in every way, what should you practice?

  • Making peace
  • Creating alliances
  • Eluding them

If a superior force is about to attack your fort, what should you do?

  • Set fire to the fort and run.
  • Give them hell.
  • Make it look like you have no real military presence.

If your enemy is too strong to be attacked directly, what should you do instead?

  • Distract him with one column of troops on the flank.
  • Attack something he holds dear.
  • Retreat and fight another day.

How should you inflate your foe's confidence before battle?

  • Send some of your troops off in a false retreat.
  • Feign weakness or inability.
  • Lay down your arms.

If you see birds suddenly rising from the trees, what should you do?

  • Be ready for ambush.
  • Fire arrows into the forest.
  • Chop down the trees so you can see what's going on.

If you are chasing a desperate and beaten foe, what should you do?

  • Retreat and let them regroup.
  • Leave a route to let them flee.
  • Surround and destroy them.

After your forces cross a river, what should they do?

  • Leave half of your forces on one side to slow the enemy's advance.
  • Hide by the river and wait for enemies to attempt a crossing.
  • Get far away from the river

If you are fighting in varied and sometimes treacherous terrain, what should you do?

  • Lure your foes into the worst of the terrain.
  • Descend to an open and safe area where you can see all around.
  • Find caves and hide.

If you want maximum effort from your soldiers, what should you do?

  • Put them in an inescapable situation.
  • Give them the best weapons.
  • Meditate with them before each battle.

If your enemy is holed up in a stronghold, what should you do?

  • Sacrifice a small portion of our troops to gauge your enemy's strength.
  • Lure him out.
  • Besiege him.

What should you use for every kind of warfare?

  • Spies
  • Spears
  • Horses

You should attack or capture a force's leader only under what condition?

  • His forces believe in witchcraft.
  • His forces follow him out of fear or money.
  • His soldiers truly love him.

To lower an enemy's guard, how should you move about your forces?

  • On boats
  • Under the cover of darkness
  • In broad daylight

How can you bait your enemy into giving away his position or plans?

  • Do something weird or unexpected.
  • Wave a white flag.
  • Send 10 troops to incite attack.

If you must retreat from a superior force, how should you slow them down?

  • Leave behind distractions to slow them down.
  • Leave archers to fire arrows at random times.
  • Set up roadside bombs.