The Ultimate Super Glue Quiz
by Staff
Super glue is so strong that, if you tried, you could stick an elephant to the roof with it! Super glue can be very useful for a quick fix. However, it can also get you into a sticky situation if you get it stuck to your fingers or mouth.

How much can a square inch of super glue hold?

  • 500 pounds
  • 1,000 pounds
  • 1 ton

What does it mean when super glue cures?

  • It has dried.
  • It has formed its strongest bond.
  • It has fixed the problem.

What is the main ingredient in super glue?

  • rubber
  • silicone
  • resin

What is required to trigger super glue to work?

  • heat
  • water
  • air

Super glue undergoes a process called anionic polymerization. What does this process produce?

  • heat
  • sound
  • light

If you stick your fingers together with super glue, what should you soak them in?

  • alcohol
  • plain water
  • soapy water

What should you avoid doing if you have stuck your fingers together with super glue?

  • using a cloth to remove excess glue
  • forcing your fingers apart
  • both of the above

If soaking your fingers in soapy water hasn't worked, what else can you try?

  • Peel the glue off with your other fingers.
  • Drop acetone on the area.
  • Put your fingers in front of a heater.

Where else is super glue used, besides for home repairs?

  • in the medical field
  • in the computer field
  • in the cooking field

What is different about the super glue used in the medical field?

  • It is colorless.
  • It is less strong.
  • It is made with a different alcohol.