Strange, Spooky, Scary: The Supernatural Quiz
by Staff
How much do you actually know about the unknowable? It's time to put your supernatural knowledge to the test. Pray you spent enough time in your bookstore's candlelit occult section.

The term "supernatural" comes from the Latin supra and natura, meaning "above nature." What does "preternatural" mean?

  • beneath nature
  • beyond nature
  • before nature

You might know ectoplasm as the glowing, milky-white mucus allegedly exuded by spirit mediums as a physical manifestation of supernatural energy. Or perhaps you just saw "Ghost Busters" and think of it as green slime. Hey, one's just as real as the other. But which of the following was not used as fake ectoplasm among 19th century spirit mediums?

  • cheesecloth
  • green gelatin
  • animal entrails

Let's step outside for a moment, away from the stink of all that rancid cheesecloth. What's this? An intricate geometric pattern pressed into the fields by gods, aliens or bored English farmers? Yes, it's a crop circle, one of Earth's most beloved supernatural phenomena. When were they first reported?

  • the 1500s
  • the 1600s
  • the 1700s

If you find the prospect of prancing devils in the countryside ridiculous, then you might be surprised to learn how often they figure into English folklore and paranormal occurrences. Which of the following acts are devils not charged with in the United Kingdom?

  • jumping over London walls and clawing at people
  • cutting up prostitutes in Whitechapel
  • leaving hoof prints in the snow around Devon

Who coined the term "unidentified flying object" (UFO)?

  • H.G. Wells
  • the U.S. Air Force
  • the Freemasons

If you've glimpsed a UFO in the sky, then you've experienced what UFOlogists refer to as a "close encounter." As we know from the movies, a close encounter of the first kind occurs when Richard Dreyfuss sees (and is hugged by) aliens. The fourth kind occurs when aliens abduct Milla Jovovich. Seven different "kinds" have been established by varying authors. Which one involves a joint contact made as a result of a conscious human effort to reach extraterrestrial life?

  • the fifth kind
  • the sixth kind
  • the seventh kind

We're done probing you for extraterrestrial knowledge. Let's turn back to inner space and the world of parapsychology. If precognition is the ability to see the future, what do we call the ability to see into the distant past?

  • retrocognition
  • postcognition
  • nostalgia

Spontaneous human combustion continues to fascinate us, with theories ranging from exploding intestinal methane to psychokinetic powers. In which Charles Dickens novel does a character spontaneously combust?

  • "The Mystery of Edwin Drood"
  • "Bleak House"
  • A character spontaneously combusts in every Charles Dickens novel, with the exception of "A Christmas Carol."

Speaking of "A Christmas Carol," what about ghosts? If Jacob Marley were to rattle his chains in someone's bedroom today, what piece of equipment would a modern ghost hunter want to use on him?

  • a neutrino wand
  • a PKE meter
  • an EMF meter

We all know who to call when some sort of Old Testament nasty takes possession of a child actress: the exorcist. As it turns out, Christians don't have a monopoly on exorcism. Judaism, Hinduism and Islam all boast traditional approaches to demon expulsion as well. Which of the following is not an actual exorcism rite?

  • carving a cross into the possessed
  • making an offering of sweets
  • burning pig excrement