Sushi Quiz
by Staff
Sushi has moved from fringe cuisine to mainstream meal. How much do you know about these popular food items?

What does the word "sushi" mean when translated to English?

  • sour rice
  • raw fish
  • fish rice

What is maki?

  • a type of sushi rice
  • raw fish strips
  • rolled sushi

Why was fermented rice used in the first sushi dishes?

  • to make the fish easier to eat
  • to keep the fish from rotting
  • to balance the intense flavor of the fish

True or False: All sushi fish served in the U.S. has been frozen.

  • true
  • false

To kill parasites, federal regulations indicate that raw fish should be frozen at -4 degrees Fahrenheit for how many days?

  • one
  • seven
  • three

How is nigiri sushi created?

  • It always contains vinegar.
  • The rice is pressed by hand.
  • The fish is sliced and rolled.

How much of the world's bluefin tuna catch is eaten in Japan?

  • 90 percent
  • 80 percent
  • 60 percent

What's the difference between sashimi and sushi?

  • There is no difference.
  • Sashimi doesn't have rice.
  • Sashimi is cooked sushi.

What kind of fish is uni, which is often served in sushi dishes?

  • sea urchin
  • scallops
  • squid

What word refers to "fat" or "thick" sushi rolls?

  • hosomakie
  • ehomaki
  • futomaki

How long is narezushi typically fermented before it is consumed?

  • six days
  • six months
  • six years

If served improperly, fugu (often served as sashimi) can kill people in what way?

  • suffocation
  • cardiac arrest
  • brain damage

Imitation crab meat is called what?

  • shiromi
  • surimi
  • shiso

When was sushi first widely consumed in the United States?

  • early 1900s
  • early 1940s
  • early 1980s

What is nori?

  • starfish
  • seaweed
  • sea cucumber

True or False: Most wasabi served in American restaurants is not real wasabi.

  • true
  • false

Hamachi is what type of fish?

  • yellowtail
  • octopus
  • tuna

If your sushi dish contains unagi, you're eating what?

  • eel
  • whale
  • dolphin

In which type of sushi is the nori rolled inside the rice?

  • oshizushi
  • temarizushi
  • uramaki

If you make sushi at home, you should let thawed fish sit in your fridge for what maximum length of time?

  • 24 hours
  • two days
  • three days

How is chirashizushi served?

  • in a tall glass jar
  • in a bowl
  • from a cast iron skillet

What is kani?

  • crab
  • shrimp
  • eel

A wooden mold is used to create which kind of sushi?

  • temaki
  • gunkanmaki
  • hakozushi

Why is otoro considered one of the best parts of a tuna?

  • It is less salty.
  • It is fatty.
  • It is regarded as an aphrodisiac.

What is an itamae?

  • a type of wasabi
  • Japanese chef
  • chopsticks

True or False: Chicken is sometimes served as sashimi.

  • true
  • false

Why was wasabi originally paired with sushi?

  • to overpower the rotting smell
  • to kill bacteria
  • to add taste

What kind of meat is gyusashi?

  • raw chicken
  • raw horse
  • raw beef

Masago is the roe of which kind of fish?

  • smelt
  • herring
  • Alaskan pollock

How should one eat nigiri?

  • using fingers
  • using chopsticks
  • using a spoon