The Ultimate Swimming Pool Quiz
by Staff
Although swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, nearly all pools function the same way to keep the water clean and chemically balanced. See how much you know about how swimming pools work by taking this quiz.

Why are swimming pools filled with water all year-round?

  • to equalize the pressure against the ground
  • to allow for swimming at any time
  • to save water required to refill it

Which pools are the cheapest to install?

  • a fiberglass pool
  • a gunite pool
  • an above-ground pool

How often does the liner of a vinyl-lined pool need to be replaced?

  • every 5 years
  • every 10 years
  • every 20 years

Where are the main pool drains located?

  • in the pool walls
  • in the highest point of the pool floor
  • in the lowest point of the pool floor

What are pool skimmers?

  • drains at the top of the pool
  • special cloths that absorb oil from the top of the water
  • a vacuum system for the large debris at the bottom of the pool

Pool filtering systems involve a lot of suction through inlet valves in the skimmers. How is the suction maintained at safe levels?

  • by having one drain open at a time
  • by having multiple drains
  • with the help of a control dial

Which part of the pool might be described as the heart of the pool?

  • the pump
  • the drains
  • the chlorine

Water flows through a metal strainer __ it flows through the pump.

  • before
  • while
  • after

What material are pool filters often made from?

  • fine mesh
  • sand
  • foam

How can you know if your sand filter is overloaded with dirt?

  • You need to open them and check how much dirt is inside.
  • There are pressure gauges that indicate the level of blockage inside.
  • The pool filters get blocked and should be cleaned every month.

What do you need to do if your filter needs cleaning?

  • Replace the entire filter unit.
  • Replace the sand in the filter.
  • Backwash the filter.

What is a diatomaceous earth filter system made from?

  • fossilized remains of sea organisms
  • very fine dirt found at high altitudes
  • a sand-like substance made of finely ground sea shells

What governs how often water must pass through a filter system?

  • the law
  • the pool owner
  • the pump system

Why does pool water need to be topped up every so often with fresh water?

  • Water is lost by evaporation.
  • Water is lost by backwashing.
  • Both of the above.

What may happen if the chemical balance of a pool is not maintained correctly?

  • The water will be difficult to heat.
  • Bacteria will grow in the pool.
  • The water may become salty.

What is the chemical generally used as a pool disinfectant?

  • chlorine
  • salt
  • bromide

What form does chlorine come in?

  • liquid
  • powder
  • both of the above

What does a strong pool smell indicate?

  • a clean pool
  • a dirty pool
  • a freshly cleaned pool

What can change the effectiveness of chlorine?

  • the amount of water
  • the temperature of the water
  • the pH of the water

What is the recommended pH range for a pool?

  • 7.0 to 7.6
  • 7.2 to 7.8
  • 7.4 to 8.0