The Ultimate Synthetic Fabrics Cleaning Quiz
by Staff
Even though most fabric items carry a care tag, it is still important to know how to clean synthetic fibers. Not following care instructions or trying to clean a product without a care tag can ruin a good piece of clothing. Take our quiz to see whether you know how to care for synthetics or synthetic blends.

What is a key to keeping your clothing in good condition?

  • You will need to make sure that the care label remains attached to the garment.
  • Although the cost is higher, it is wise to dry clean your clothing in order to maximize its usable life.

On what kind of garments is it important to make sure the care label remains in place?

  • The only way to be sure on how to clean natural plant fibers is by looking at the care tag.
  • The only way to be sure on how to clean synthetic fibers is by looking at the care tag.
  • The only way to be sure on how to clean natural animal fibers is by looking at the care tag.

What raw material is used to create acetate fiber?

  • Acetate is manufactured from cellulose derived from plant fibers.
  • Acetate is manufactured from synthesis of petrochemicals.
  • Acetate is manufactured with by products left over from silk production and combined with carbon particles.

What is one thing scientists have discovered that a look or touch of a fabric can trigger?

  • The look or feel of a fabric can trigger a reminder of a first love.
  • The look or feel of a fabric can trigger a vivid childhood memory.
  • The look or feel of a fabric can trigger an intense desire to purchase an item even if you don’t like the style.

Once acetate is hand washed in warm water, how should it be dried?

  • Dry in an automatic dryer set to warm and remove as soon as the dryer stops.
  • Lay acetate clothing flat on a cotton towel to air dry.
  • Line-dry acetate clothing away from heat and direct sunlight.

What is a typical washing instruction for clothing made with acrylic fibers?

  • dry-clean only
  • machine-wash on gentle
  • hand wash only

What is fiberglass fabric most often used to produce?

  • Fancy woven vests and colorful belts are usually manufactured with fiberglass fiber.
  • Fiberglass fiber is generally used only as an insulating lining in winter coats and jackets.
  • Fiberglass fiber is only used to manufacture curtains and draperies because of inherent heat resistance.

How do you clean fiberglass curtains and drapes when necessary?

  • Hand wash fiberglass curtains and drapes in cool water while wearing rubber gloves.
  • Machine wash fiberglass curtains and drapes in cold water on a gentle permanent press setting.
  • Machine wash fiberglass curtains and drapes in warm water along with a few cotton terry towels.

What clothing is most often made with modacrylic fabrics?

  • fake fur, fleece robes and blankets
  • stuffed toys and wigs
  • both of the above groupings apply to modacryilic

What is an undesirable characteristic of products manufactured from modacrylic?

  • Modacrylic products tend to shrink a little with each washing and do not always return to normal.
  • Modacrylic products tend to produce static electricity in dry inside air.
  • Modacrylic products tend to be damaged easily in bright hot sunshine.

What other synthetic fabric is nylon most often blended with for manufacture of clothing items?

  • acetate
  • acrylic
  • spandex

What is a downside of garments made from polyester?

  • Polyester is a versatile material but it tends to attract and hold oil based stains.
  • Polyester may pill when rubbed and will often yellow with age.
  • Both of the above answers are related to common problems with polyester.

Although rayon is a strong absorbent fiber, what is one unfortunate drawback of this fabric?

  • Rayon tends to tear or separate easily at any sewn seams.
  • Rayon tends to loose strength when it gets wet.
  • Rayon becomes see-through and almost transparent when it is wet.

What is common for spandex used as a fabric?

  • Spandex is always blended with other fibers in order to produce workable material.
  • Spandex will deteriorate quickly in sunlight when not blended with another fiber.
  • Both of the above answers are characteristic of spandex.

What is a main characteristic of triacetate versus its close cousin acetate?

  • Triacetate is less sensitive to heat, which allows it to be creased or heavily pleated.
  • Triacetate can be pressed using a hot temperature setting for best pleating results.
  • Both of the above are true of triacetate.