The Ultimate Tattoo Removal Quiz
by Staff
After spending your cash and withstanding the needles, you've decided to have that tattoo removed. Bur how much do you really know about tattoo removal?

What's the most commonly removed tattoo?

  • battleship
  • an ex-love's name
  • mermaid

Which of these old-school methods of tattoo removal includes sanding down the skin?

  • dermabrasion
  • cryosurgery
  • excision

Tattoos received under what condition are sometimes removed for free?

  • gang membership
  • drunkenness
  • naval enlistment

The deeper the tattoo:

  • the cooler it looks
  • the more easily lost beneath the skin
  • the harder it is to remove

Lasers remove tattoos by:

  • breaking the pigment up into small fragments
  • decimating subdermal cells where the pigment is stored
  • burning the skin, causing it to heal over the tattoo

Patients report that having a tattoo removed via laser is akin to:

  • being beaten with a feather duster
  • being snapped with a thin rubber band
  • being bitten by ants

What dictates the type of laser used for tattoo removal?

  • the type of pigments
  • the size of the tattoo
  • the quality of the doctor's practice

What pigments are hardest to remove?

  • blue and black
  • yellow and green
  • red and orange

What are traumatic tattoos?

  • tattoos received from an injury
  • tattoos received on a dare
  • tattoos received from an unpleasant artist

How many Americans sport at least one tattoo?

  • 5 million
  • 50 million
  • 10 million