How much do you know about tattoos?
by Staff
When Thomas Edison invented the autographic printer for engraving, he probably didn't imagine it would inspire the tattoo machine Samuel O'Reily created in the late 1800s. Think you know about tattoos? Take our quiz to put your knowledge to the test.

What common piece of equipment does a tattoo machine resemble and sound like?

  • a blender
  • a dental drill
  • an electric razor

A person who gives tattoos is often referred to as what?

  • an artist
  • a scientist
  • a technician

Which layer of skin is tattoo ink injected into?

  • epidermis, the outer layer
  • dermis, the second layer
  • hypodermis, the inner layer

Which tattoo machine part isn't single use?

  • ink
  • needle
  • needle bar

In addition to parts of the tattoo machine, what else should the tattoo artist sterilize?

  • the client's skin
  • the work area
  • both

Existing tattoo designs displayed in the tattoo shop are known as what?

  • templates
  • flash
  • models

What is the first part of the tattooing process?

  • outlining
  • shading
  • freestyling

What are uneven areas of color in a tattoo called?

  • valleys
  • holidays
  • breakdowns

What symptom can occur during and immediately following tattooing?

  • bleeding
  • puss forming
  • excessive thirst

What is a possible health risk of tattooing?

  • infection
  • transmission of disease
  • both