The Tech Tales of 2011
by Staff
For fans of technology, 2011 was a year packed with triumphs, tragedies and teasers. How much do you know about the big tech stories of 2011?

Which tablet device became a best-seller after being discontinued?

  • Motorola Xoom
  • BlackBerry PlayBook
  • HP TouchPad

Which notable figure in the tech industry didn't pass away in 2011?

  • Henry Edward Roberts
  • Paul Baran
  • Dennis Ritchie

Which of these acts dealing with intellecutal property and piracy was introduced in the United States Senate in 2011?

  • SOPA
  • Protect IP
  • PRO-IP Act

Rioters used BlackBerry Messenger to coordinate attacks on small businesses in which city in 2011?

  • London
  • Paris
  • Madrid

What was the name of IBM's supercomputer that competed on "Jeopardy!"?

  • Deep Blue
  • Blue Gene
  • Watson

Which subatomic particles puzzled physicists in 2011 by seemingly traveling faster than the speed of light?

  • quarks
  • bosons
  • neutrinos

Which big cat shared a name with the Mac OS X update that came out in 2011?

  • snow leopard
  • lion
  • Bengal tiger

Which of the three big video game companies got the jump on the other two at E3 2011 by introducing the first next-generation video game console?

  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo
  • Sony

Which merger proposed in 2011 faced the most resistance from the United States government?

  • AT&T and T-Mobile USA
  • Google and Motorola Mobility
  • Microsoft and Skype

Which of the following companies didn't launch an initial public offering in 2011?

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Groupon

What did HP finally decide to do with the webOS operating system?

  • end it
  • sell it
  • make it open source

What was the name of Netflix's proposed companion company?

  • Qwikster
  • Flickster
  • NetDVD

Who replaced former Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker in 2011?

  • Carol Bartz
  • Meg Whitman
  • Virginia Rometty

The iPad 2 debuted just as which major tech conference was beginning?

  • CES
  • E3
  • SxSW Interactive

Which TechStuff host was at the special Apple store in Austin, Texas, during the iPad 2 launch?

  • Chris
  • Jonathan
  • neither

Which of the following cloud music services doesn't require you to upload your music library?

  • Google Music
  • Amazon Cloud Player
  • Spotify

What's the name of the video chat feature on Google Plus?

  • Circles
  • Hangouts
  • Huddles

Which company was forced to shut down its online communities while it responded to a hacker attack?

  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo
  • Sony

What's the name of the digital currency that saw a sharp decrease in value in 2011?

  • Bitcoin
  • WebMoney
  • cashU

Whose biography became Amazon's best-selling book of 2011?

  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs
  • Steve Ballmer