The Ultimate Technology Library Quiz
by Staff
Now why should an inventor need a technology library? It could be a source of information and even inspiration. Take this quiz to be informed and inspired about technology libraries.

What do most people do with ideas for new inventions?

  • apply for patents
  • nothing much
  • publish on Wikipedia

For whom can a technology library be especially necessary?

  • people who need to copy material
  • people without Internet access
  • anyone needing updates on new technology

How can a technology library catalyze the innovation process?

  • by highlighting new technologies
  • by giving patent application advice
  • by regulating use of new technology

What was the recent development by researchers based on a living creature?

  • cold medicine
  • adhesive
  • automobile fuel

What type of technology enabled them to create an adhesive patch?

  • molecular biology
  • space technology
  • nanotechnology

How do the nanotubes work?

  • creates a magnetic connection
  • forms molecular bond with the surface
  • utilizes changes in air pressure

Is this development being used today and if so how?

  • not yet in use
  • extensively used by mountain climbers
  • used in space program

How can this information best be distributed to a wide audience.

  • specialized scientific publications
  • Sunday papers' science section
  • a virtual technological library

Do you know any company that has created a technology library?

  • Bell laboratories created a communications museum.
  • Inventables established an Innovation Center.
  • NASA opened an on-line technology show case.

What kinds of samples has the Innovation Center collected?

  • sand that repels water and porous metals
  • antimicrobial snow and luminescent metals
  • waterproof ectoplasm and magnetic zippers

What other services do Inventables offer?

  • offer financing for pilot projects
  • take care of patent protection
  • organize brainstorming sessions

What kind of companies make use of Inventables?

  • communications
  • Fortune 500
  • automobile

What do Microsoft, Mattel and Mercedes-Benz have in common, other than the letter M?

  • All use ectoplasm.
  • All employ former Inventables researchers.
  • All use Innovation Centers.

Does instant snow exist outside a movie studio set?

  • yes
  • no
  • only in the plastics industry

Why set up a display in a high-traffic area?

  • It is safer.
  • Passersby can browse freely.
  • Installation costs are lower.