The Ultimate TechStuff Fan Quiz
by Staff
TechStuff has a question for you fans out there: who's the ultimate TechStuff fan? Take this quiz and find out in this quiz from the TechStuff podcast.

TechStuff is hosted by:

  • Chris and Jonathan
  • Rachel and Chuck
  • Matt and Josh
  • Katie and Ben

When it comes to jokes, the hosts of TechStuff are known for their ____.

  • puns
  • shaggy-dog stories
  • hilarious, long-winded catch phrases
  • references to microwave popcorn

Jonathan is the tech editor of

  • TRUE

A botnet is a network of bots, which are sometimes called _______.

  • zombie computers
  • drone desktops
  • hypno-puters
  • Trojan horsehides

Dean Kamen holds more than ____ patents.

  • 440
  • 100
  • 700
  • 250

What is bluejacking?

  • a way of sending secret messages to other Bluetooth users
  • a way of stealing connectivity from other Bluetooth users
  • a type of crime popular in IT circles
  • a slang term for off-brand cellphone technology

MAME is an acronym for:

  • Memory-Accessible Massive Emulation
  • Modernized Arcade Machine Emulator
  • Miniaturized Arcade Movement Emulator
  • Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

Tim Berners-Lee is known as the ______.

  • King of Spam
  • Godfather of Usenet
  • Father of the World Wide Web
  • Second Cousin of Facebook

Which of the following devices is not used by ghost hunters?

  • digital recorders
  • EMF detectors
  • infrared detectors
  • All of these devices are used.

Hidden surprises in hardware and software are commonly known as _____.

  • presents
  • Easter eggs
  • credits
  • rabbit holes

Chris is the ____ at

  • tech editor
  • money editor
  • senior writer
  • most popular intern

Ada Lovelace has often been hailed as the _____.

  • Mother of Coding
  • Mother of Video Games
  • Queen of Programming
  • Empress of Analysis