The Ultimate Teen Bedroom Decorating Quiz
by Staff
For many young people, as they grow from child to teen they want their bedroom to reflect a grown-up image. Plan ahead and make updating your child's room a fun activity. Together you can work out the colors and style choices. Take this quiz to see how well you score on teen bedroom decorating ideas.

What is the least costly way to change a room's décor?

  • paint
  • window treatment
  • area rug

How do you choose a paint color?

  • Pick out a paint chip sample and purchase the same paint.
  • Choose a paint chip sample and buy paint that is several shades lighter than the sample.
  • Choose a paint chip sample and buy paint several shades darker than the sample.

What type of furniture is best for a teen bedroom?

  • brand-new matching set
  • mixed-match furniture finds
  • both answers

On what items should you spend the most money?

  • furniture
  • window treatments
  • both answers

How much storage space do teens need?

  • none
  • very little
  • lots

Eventually your teen may leave home, what size bed may be the best choice if you want to later use the room as a guest room?

  • twin-size or full-size
  • full-size or queen-size
  • twin-size or queen-size

In the future, if you want to use this room as an office, what is a good bed choice?

  • daybed
  • full-size bed
  • queen-size bed

Decorating with contrasting colors such as orange and lime green can create what mood?

  • excited
  • cautious
  • sad

What type of wood finish may be best for your teen's desk?

  • polyurethane-lacquered
  • unfinished
  • stained

How can you make a small room appear larger?

  • large and dark furniture
  • light-colored modern furniture
  • cluttered surfaces

What is a versatile color for a teen's room?

  • blue
  • pink
  • black

How does a blue colored room make you feel?

  • soothed
  • excited
  • tired

What color choice will bring the calm tones of nature into your teen's bedroom décor?

  • yellow and pink
  • forest green and taupe
  • black and white

What is the color of young lettuce?

  • yellow-green
  • green-yellow
  • green-blue

What furniture may create a rustic look in your teen's bedroom?

  • modern
  • peeled log
  • laminate

Where can you shop for teen furniture?

  • traditional furniture stores
  • outdoor furniture stores
  • anywhere

How can you balance a fuchsia color scheme?

  • add white
  • add paler tints of fuchsia
  • both answers

Is a sports theme décor appropriate for a teen's bedroom?

  • They may outgrown this choice too quickly.
  • A sports theme is an appropriate choice.
  • Try to influence your teen to choose something more appropriate.

How can you inspire your teen to keep the room neat and tidy?

  • Lots of storage space will help.
  • Teens are messy, just accept this.
  • No allowance, unless the room is neat.

What can you do if you and your teen cannot agree on décor?

  • fabrics
  • colors
  • both answers