Teen Room Decorating Quiz
by Staff
Teenagers are enigmas. As soon as you think you've got them pegged, they turn around and do the complete opposite of what you though they would do. Decorating their room is no different. You may think you know what their tastes are, but you're probably way off. We can help, though. Take this quiz to learn a thing or two about teen decorating.

What is the least expensive and quickest way to change your teenager's room?

  • paint
  • carpet
  • new bed

When planning your teen's room décor, what kind of input should you get from him or her?

  • Don't get any input -- just plan to surprise your teen.
  • Plan the décor along with your teenager.
  • Give your teen carte blanche to do what she wants.

If your teenager wants to graduate to a more adult room, what should you do?

  • Encourage him to hang on to his childhood room for a little while longer.
  • Be glad that your teen is growing up and design something age-appropriate.
  • Design a room you might want yourself.

What's a good way to choose décor for your teen's room?

  • Pick things you find attractive and fun.
  • Snoop through drawers for clues on her personality type.
  • Talk to your teen about her interests.

Where do many home decorators say is the first place to start in your teen's room?

  • bedding
  • walls
  • accessories

What should every teen bedroom have?

  • telephone
  • TV
  • desk

True or false: The principles of designing a teenager's room are different than the ones that apply to your room or other areas in your living space.

  • true
  • false

How should you handle your teenager's decorating budget?

  • Set a number you feel good about, and get your teen's input on how to use it.
  • Leave your teenager out of money talks.
  • Let your teenager make the budget.

True or false: Your teen's taste will likely stay the same from the ages of 14 to 18.

  • true
  • false

Your goal in decorating your teen's room is to:

  • ensure he never wants to leave his room
  • make it so bad he'd rather hang out with the family
  • design a room your teen enjoys when he needs to be in there

What type of décor do teens really prefer?

  • A bedroom scheme that matches completely -- the bedspread features the same print that's on the curtains, rugs and lampshades.
  • An eclectic style that coordinates colors, patterns and textures but isn't too matchy-matchy.
  • Totally random! Teens don't like being boxed into one particular décor scheme, so don't force them into paisleys or florals.

Your teen's space might not be the biggest one in the house, but you can make the room work! What type of bed makes the most out of cramped living quarters?

  • bunk bed
  • loft bed
  • trundle bed

Which of these bedroom accessories can be dangerous in a teen's room?

  • a fish tank
  • mini refrigerator
  • candle collection

What type of lighting is no longer reserved for Grandma's dining room?

  • silver candlesticks
  • chandeliers
  • light bulbs with extra wattage to make knitting easier on the eyes

What's the best way to furnish your teen's room?

  • Buy an entire set of furniture -- bed, dresser, nightstand, TV stand and vanity with mirror.
  • There's a reason you purchased that convertible crib 12 years ago -- it transforms into a twin bed, and the changing table can stand in as a dresser.
  • Start with one new piece, like a double bed, and then add on to the set as your teen's needs evolve.

How can you use floor-length drapes to revamp your teen's room?

  • Sew them into a quilt for the bed.
  • Tack on some fringe, and you've got an area rug.
  • Hang them from a drapery track from the ceiling to fall beind the headboard of the bed.

Stuck with hand-me-down furniture? How can you transform an old bed and dresser to match your teen's tastes?

  • Replace old, tarnished knobs with modern pulls.
  • Hand-paint or stencil unique designs on the furniture.
  • both of the above

What inexpensive, easy-to-install organizational tool keeps your teen's school supplies, accessories and gadgets readily accessible and doesn't take up precious space?

  • under-bed boxes
  • peg boards
  • shoe stackers

True or false: It's OK for teens to draw on their walls.

  • True, just be sure to use washable markers.
  • False -- what about the house's resale value? Buyers don't care if you're raising a budding Picasso!
  • It depends -- have you covered the walls in chalkboard paint?

Is your teen looking a little stressed out? How can you help her achieve a more positive, balanced bedroom atmosphere?

  • Paint the walls soft, neutral colors and light some candles.
  • Feng Shui the room.
  • Buy her a yoga mat and mount some speakers in the corners of the room so she can listen to calming music.