Get It Straight: The Teeth Retainers Quiz
by Staff
Orthodontists can maneuver your teeth into compliance, and using a retainer is usually an important and, often, final step in that process. In this quiz, you'll test your knowledge of how to care for a retainer. Remember: The better you care for your retainer, the smoother your path to a better smile will be.

True or false: If you get braces, you won't need a retainer.

  • true
  • false

Why do we need retainers, if braces make corrections in our smiles?

  • Without retainers, all the work accomplished through use of braces would be undone.
  • Braces simply prepare the teeth for retainers, which do the real work.
  • Retainers keep your teeth from getting damaged in the future.

Clear retainers are made of what?

  • gel
  • safety glass
  • thermoplastic

Retainers come in which of the following size options?

  • adult size or child size
  • small, medium and large
  • Each retainer is custom fit to the person who will wear it.

During meals, you should:

  • eat with your retainer in
  • remove the retainer and carefully place it in a napkin
  • remove the retainer and store it in its retainer case

Which of the following should you use to disinfect your retainer?

  • microwave
  • boiling water
  • neither

How often should you disinfect your retainer?

  • at least once a week, if not daily
  • monthly
  • after each meal

At first, your new retainer will:

  • fit perfectly
  • feel kind of uncomfortable and make you salivate like crazy
  • cause numbness in the tongue

When should you wear your retainer?

  • at all times
  • only at night
  • as directed by your orthodontist

Not wearing your retainer right away after your braces come off:

  • is frowned upon, but shouldn't make a difference
  • is a good idea, because it allows your teeth and gums a chance to heal
  • could allow your teeth to shift back to their prior positions, undoing your orthodontic work