Teeth Whitening Quiz
by Staff
Do you want that gleaming white smile you used to have? Take our quiz on teeth whitening to see if you know all of your options.

What is the most common whitening agent used in do-it-yourself kits?

  • Peroxide
  • Chloroxine
  • Salicylic acid

Why are whitening strips not as effective as brushed gels?

  • Gels use a more powerful bleach.
  • Strips don't whiten in the grooves of your teeth.
  • Gels are less expensive.

How is a home whitening gel applied?

  • With a rubber finger sleeve
  • With a small brush
  • With a small sea sponge

Why is not a good idea to use whitening products on crowns and tooth colored fillings?

  • The chemicals used dissolve crowns and fillings.
  • It could weaken the crowned teeth.
  • Fillings and crowns are matched to the color of your teeth, and they can't be whitened.

True or False: If you're pregnant, you should avoid teeth whitening.

  • TRUE

What do most toothpastes contain to help remove stains from teeth?

  • Fluoride
  • Peroxide
  • Mild abrasive

What kinds of stains respond best to whitening?

  • Cigarette stains
  • Yellow discoloration
  • Brown stains

What is one potential side effect of teeth whitening?

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Darkening of teeth
  • Loosens teeth

How long does it take strips to show a noticeable effect?

  • A few months
  • A few weeks
  • A few days

How long do whitenings from gels and strips last?

  • About a year
  • A few weeks
  • A few months

If you're using a dentist-supervised kit at home, you're likely using what?

  • A mouthpiece tray
  • A whitening pen
  • A mix of chemical bleaches

How long does it take whitening rinses to take effect?

  • Several weeks
  • Several months
  • Several days

How many shades can you whiten your teeth with a whitening toothpaste?

  • Two shades
  • One shade
  • Four shades

How many shades can strips and gels whiten your teeth?

  • One to two shades
  • Three to six shades
  • Two to four shades

How effective can a professional dental whitening treatment be?

  • 10 shades whiter
  • Up to eight shades whiter
  • Up to 12 shades whiter

How many professional dental whitening treatments does it take before you notice a change?

  • Three
  • Two
  • One

How expensive is professional whitening?

  • $50 to $100 per visit
  • $400 to $700 per visit
  • $800 to $1,000 per visit

True or False: Teeth whitening is still safe if you have gum disease.

  • TRUE

Where else might you find teeth whitening agents?

  • Tap water
  • Milk
  • Gum

Most teeth whitening studies are performed by whom?

  • American Dental Association
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Teeth Whitening Product Manufacturers