Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em
by Staff
Before you host or play a Texas Hold 'em tournament, do you know a river from a flop? A blind from a rake? Test your knowledge!

What are the blinds in a Texas Hold 'em poker tournament?

  • forced bets that start off the hand
  • the cards dealt face-down to each player
  • the first two players left of the dealer

What does the acronym, WSOP, represent?

  • Worldwide Standards of Poker
  • World Series of Poker
  • Western Style of Poker

What is the order of cards dealt in a Texas Hold 'em poker game?

  • pocket cards, flop, turn, river
  • river, turn, flop, pocket cards
  • pocket cards, turn, river, flop

How are tournament rules decided upon at a home Texas Hold 'em tournament?

  • House, or host, makes the rules.
  • The invited players vote on the rules prior to play.
  • There are standard poker rules used in all Texas Hold 'em tournaments.

True or False: It is legal to hold a Texas Hold 'em poker tournament in your house as long as the host's profits do not exceed $1,000.

  • TRUE

What's the best way to plan the seating chart for the tournament?

  • Let people sit where they want; it makes for more fun.
  • Have a rotating seating chart for each hand.
  • Randomly assign seats.

What is a dealer button?

  • a button you push to let the dealer know you're ready for more cards
  • a marker showing who is dealing for that hand
  • a button entitling the dealer to free drinks and snacks at the tournament

What is the river in a Texas Hold 'em poker game?

  • the cards dealt facedown
  • the 3 communal cards dealt
  • the last community card dealt

What are the medium cards in a Hold 'em game?

  • 7, 8, 9
  • 5 through 10
  • Any card that is not a face card.

True or False: For a Hold 'em tournament with 24 players, you should use 3 tables of eight guests.

  • TRUE

What is a burn card?

  • one of the seven cards you don't use in your 5-card poker hand
  • the card that ruins your chance of a flush
  • the top card the dealer discards before each deal

What is not a material used to make poker chips?

  • plastic
  • clay
  • wood

True or False: In the case of a dispute, the dealer decides who is correct.

  • TRUE

What is considered a strong starting hand in Texas Hold 'em?

  • ace, king -- any suit
  • a pair of nines
  • a pair of twos

Why are the first three community cards in Texas Hold 'em called the flop?

  • because of how the dealer slaps the cards down
  • They either make or break your hand.
  • More players fold at this point.

True or False: It is poor etiquette to have food on the table during a poker game.

  • TRUE

What happens in the Double Flop variation of Texas Hold 'em?

  • Two players must fold on the flop.
  • Only two communal cards are dealt in Double Flop.
  • Two parallel games are dealt and played.

Why is bluffing harder in Texas Hold 'em?

  • Traditionally, it's a game for novice poker players so their bluffing is not perfected.
  • Bluffing is actually not allowed in Hold 'em.
  • The majority of the cards are communal so you know what people may have.

How many decks should you have on each table during a home Hold 'em tournament?

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

How did the river card get its name?

  • The card can be wild, just like a river, in some game variations.
  • In the past, players were sometimes thrown in the river for dealing an extra card.
  • The game originated by the Rio Grande in Texas.