The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner in the Big Apple Quiz
by Staff
Thanksgiving dinner is a special time to enjoy with the family. But the stress of cooking a dinner, and getting the turkey just right, can put a cloud over the day. You may want to consider eating out at one of the many New York restaurants on Thanksgiving, saving yourself the hassle of organizing a Thanksgiving meal. Take this quiz to learn more about Thanksgiving dinners in the Big Apple.

The Fraunces Tavern was a favorite location of which famous American?

  • Martin Luther King
  • George Washington
  • Franklin Roosevelt

What features does the Fraunces Tavern have today?

  • a restaurant
  • a museum
  • both of the above

How much will a Thanksgiving dinner at the Fraunces Tavern cost you?

  • 30
  • 60
  • 90

What sort of dress code applies at the Fraunces Tavern on Thanksgiving?

  • black tie
  • casual
  • no dress code

Where is the Fraunces Tavern located?

  • Manhattan
  • the Bronx
  • Queens

Which of the following is one of New York's main dinner cruise circuits?

  • Skyline Cruises
  • Spirit Cruises
  • Marco Polo Cruises

What feature does Bateaux's ship have?

  • a glass floor
  • full-length windows
  • a five-star dining room

How is the meal presented on a Spirit Cruise?

  • as a four-course meal
  • buffet style
  • picnic style

Where is World Yacht located?

  • Pier 17
  • Pier 40
  • Pier 81

How many types of organic wines does the Counter restaurant offer?

  • 30
  • 40
  • 50

In what year did the Candle Cafe win the New York Naturally Award?

  • 2002
  • 2005
  • 2008

What type food is the Pure Food and Wine restaurant famous for?

  • organic food
  • sea food
  • raw food

What did the Pure Food and Wine restaurant use instead of a turkey one year?

  • a mushroom
  • a watermelon
  • an eggplant

Why is it hard to find an open restaurant in the Mulberry St. vicinity on Thanksgiving Day?

  • because restaurants there are restricted on Thanksgiving
  • because the restaurants are mainly family-owned
  • because not many people eat there on Thanksgiving

In what style is the Il Cortile restaurant decorated?

  • Roman-garden
  • Tuscan
  • country French

Until what time is the La Bella Ferrara bakery open?

  • 6 p.m.
  • 9 p.m.
  • midnight

Where does Ping's Seafood restaurant get their seafood from?

  • a tank in the restaurant
  • the Hudson River
  • a walk-in freezer

What is Joe's Shanghai restaurant famous for?

  • its sushi
  • its soup dumplings
  • its spring rolls

What enables the chefs at Chinatown Brasserie to make a good turkey?

  • They only buy the best turkeys.
  • They have a special oven.
  • They have a special turkey training course.

In which country was ice cream invented?

  • China
  • Italy
  • Germany