The Ultimate Thermometer Quiz
by Staff
Thermometers are used to measure the temperature of all sorts of things, from a fever to the heat in an oven to the weather. Various thermometers exist with various scales for temperature measurement. Take this quiz to see how much you know about thermometers.

How does a thermometer measure temperature?

  • It measures the relative humidity in the air.
  • It measures how much a material expands and contracts.
  • It measures UV rays.

What unit is used to measure temperature?

  • degrees
  • pints
  • cubic inches

What does the zero point represent on the Fahrenheit scale?

  • the freezing point of water
  • the freezing point of salt
  • the temperature of an ice and salt mixture

Which of the following is a difference between the Rankine and Fahrenheit scales?

  • what the zero point represents
  • the difference between the freezing and boiling points of water
  • where the scale is primarily used

The Celsius scale is also known as centigrade. Why is this?

  • The scale only goes between zero and 100.
  • There is a 100-degree difference between the freezing and boiling point of water.
  • The scale came about thanks to a one cent piece.

Who would you usually find working with the Kelvin scale?

  • doctors
  • builders
  • physicists

What is different about the Kelvin scale compared to the other temperature scales?

  • Its unit is not degrees.
  • Zero is the boiling point of water.
  • It is based on the freezing and boiling points of mercury.

What temperature is the same on the Rankine and Kelvin scales?

  • zero
  • the freezing point of water
  • the boiling point of water

How would you convert Celsius to Fahrenheit?

  • F = C + 32
  • F = 5C - 32
  • F = (9/5)C + 32

What is the most common type of thermometer?

  • infrared
  • liquid-in-glass
  • bimetal

What type of liquid can be used in a liquid-in-glass thermometer?

  • mercury
  • alcohol
  • both of the above

A bimetal thermometer is made from two strips of different metallic substances fused together. What is the common shape of the strips?

  • a spiral
  • triangular
  • octagonal

Aside from the bimetal thermometer, what is another type of thermometer that uses different metals?

  • the thermodouble
  • the thermopair
  • the thermocouple

Thermostats often use a __ thermometer.

  • gas
  • bimetal
  • liquid-in-glass

The most commonly known infrared thermometer is which of the following?

  • the ear thermometer
  • the indoor thermometer
  • the digital thermometer

If you were using a liquid-crystal thermometer to measure a fever, where on the body would you place it?

  • your ear
  • your forehead
  • your bottom

Gas thermometers measure the __ needed to keep the volume of a gas at a constant while the temperature changes.

  • pressure
  • speed
  • mass

Who was the first person to suggest setting the freezing point of water as zero?

  • German physicist Gabriel Fahrenheit
  • Swedish mathematician Anders Celsius
  • French physicist Ren Antoine Raumur

Who invented the first thermometer?

  • Galileo
  • Archimedes
  • Aristotle

In what year was the mercury thermometer invented?

  • 1614
  • 1714
  • 1814