The Ultimate Things That Can Go Wrong in Air Sports Quiz
by Staff
One of the most exciting, and of course dangerous, branches of sport is air sport. Even the best trained and equipped professional has to be aware of the things that can go wrong in air sports. Take this quiz and learn more about how to avoid things that sometimes do go wrong.

Which body governs air sports?

  • Aeronautic Sports Federation
  • World Air Sports Coalition
  • Fédération Aéronautique Internationale

How many disciplines of air sports are regulated by the organization?

  • 14
  • 10
  • 6

When did air sports first begin?

  • turn of the 20th century
  • after World War I with its famous air battles
  • after the heroic air battles of World War II

In modern parachuting, what is the scariest thing that can happen?

  • landing on rocky terrain
  • vertigo during freefall
  • parachute malfunction

What is the usual cause of parachute malfunction?

  • bad packing
  • equipment failure
  • faulty equipment or human error

How can you avoid parachute malfunction?

  • There is nothing you can do to avoid malfunctions.
  • Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures.
  • Check your equipment, position yourself properly, learn emergency procedures.

What could go wrong after your canopy opens and you float downwards?

  • Once the parachute opens, it's a straight forward descent.
  • Sudden winds can blow you off course.
  • As long as you stay alert and navigate properly, you'll be fine.

What are considered basic survival items?

  • water and a knife
  • mp3 player and a Swiss Army knife
  • GPS and a cellphone

What can you do in the event of engine failure in a single-engine aircraft?

  • Use the ejection mechanism.
  • Attempt an emergency landing.
  • Try to repair the engine.

Is there any way to prevent engine failure?

  • You can only reduce the risk but cannot totally prevent engine failure.
  • Proper maintenance is the best way to prevent engine failure.
  • Always do a low-level test flight before setting out on a journey.

What is one of the leading causes of skydiving fatalities?

  • incorrect exit from the aircraft
  • equipment failure
  • midair collisions

What ground obstacle is the greatest threat to low flying pilots?

  • power lines
  • flocks of birds
  • television antennae

If you are prone to blackouts, how do you prepare for skydiving?

  • Take the proper medicine beforehand.
  • Drink coffee and listen to music.
  • You don't skydive.

What is a common problem in many air sports?

  • improper behavior in midair
  • torn straps
  • collisions with pylons

Why is education especially important in air sports?

  • Education is secondary to making sure your equipment is good.
  • Knowing where other flyers or skydivers are will help avoid collisions.
  • Knowing the terrain can help you avoid disaster.

Can deaths and injuries be prevented by stricter regulations and rules?

  • Regulations need to be far more stringent.
  • Equipment needs to be better maintained, there are enough rules.
  • People need to obey the rules that exist.

What factor needs to be checked before flight?

  • fuel
  • weather
  • survival gear

How dangerous is bad weather to modern light aircraft?

  • It can be deadly.
  • Modern aircraft are built to deal with bad weather.
  • It is basically no more than a nuisance.

Apart from parachuting of all types, how else can falling be a problem for those engaged in air sports?

  • Spectators fall over cliffs while watching hang gliding.
  • Passengers fall out of light aircraft.
  • People fall from balloons.

How critical is landing well?

  • Landing is fairly important.
  • Incorrect landing can be fatal.
  • Landing is less important than mid air collisions.