The Ultimate Best Times for Kids to Fly Quiz
by Staff
Planning your summer vacation and unsure whether to book a morning evening flight? Which flight will get your kids to your destination without your fellow travelers wanting to throw them out the window? Take our quiz and get the rundown on the pros and cons of morning and evening flights when traveling with kids.

How many commercial flights are there every day?

  • 29,000
  • 63,000
  • 92,000

Why is it more difficult for kids to fly than adults?

  • The seating for adults is more comfortable than the seating for children.
  • Adults are better at regulating their emotions than kids.
  • Kids are more likely to get air sick.

When booking your flight, what should you take into consideration?

  • whether or not your kids get travel sick
  • your kids' behavior
  • your kids' regular schedule

Why is an early morning flight preferable?

  • Kids wake up early anyhow, so you may as well get the day started then.
  • They are less likely to be delayed.
  • There are fewer people on early morning flights.

What is one advantage of an evening flight?

  • You have the whole day to get ready and so are less likely to be running late.
  • They serve dinner on evening flights, which will keep your kids occupied.
  • Evening flights are emptier.

If you do have an early morning flight, what is a good way to avoid rushing?

  • Plan, plan, plan in advance and be organized.
  • Don't drive there, take a taxi, so you can travel in taxi and bus lanes.
  • Stay in the airport hotel the night before.

Why is a late night flight not a great idea with kids?

  • If you get delayed, it is a real inconvenience.
  • They may get overtired and be unable to fall asleep on the plane.
  • People on the flight usually have less patience for children.

How can you make a late night flight more bearable?

  • Give your kids a minimal dose of Benadryl to sedate them.
  • Bring along some soothing music or their favorite video.
  • Request seats at the front of the plane, where there is room to put them on the floor to sleep.

How can you best prepare your kids for a flight?

  • You can't; just pray all will be smooth.
  • Tell them beforehand about what they can expect.
  • Do a trial run.

What food and drink should you take along on a flight?

  • refillable water bottles and some tasty snacks
  • sandwiches and juice boxes
  • fruit, string cheese and granola