The Ultimate Tips for Traveling with a Pet in the Car Quiz
by Staff
Traveling the highways and byways of your country with your favorite pet at your side can be an exciting and fun adventure. Take our quiz and learn how to enjoy a road trip with your favorite pet.

What is a basic consideration that you need to take care of when you are planning to travel with a pet?

  • You should visit a vet to procure pet motion sickness medication and pet tranquilizers.
  • You should take an overnight test trip a few weeks before vacation to ensure that that your pet travels well.
  • You should phone ahead to ensure that designations and stops along the way allow or accommodate pets.

What percentage of Americans typically take pets along when they travel?

  • 44 percent
  • 53 percent
  • 67 percent

How many Americans owned dogs according to statistics compiled at the end of 2009?

  • 77.5 million
  • 58.9 million
  • 46.3 million

Most of us buckle up our families when we travel for a good reason. How many auto accidents occurred in 2005 in the U.S.?

  • 3.8 million
  • 6.5 million
  • 7.9 million

What is a most common occurrence when traveling with your pet in a car?

  • profuse drooling
  • carsickness
  • chronic diarrhea

What is a great way to reduce chances of a dog that is unfamiliar with car travel becoming carsick?

  • Tranquilize your dog for the trip and you can avoid carsickness.
  • Allow your dog a window seat and crack the window a bit to allow fresh air.
  • Procure the prescription drug Dramamine for your dog from your veterinary professional.

What is a basic rule of thumb when traveling with a pet that no owner should ignore?

  • Always scoop the poop, never leave pet excrement for someone else to discover by accident.
  • Tranquilize your pet before starting out on your journey.
  • Both of the above are basic rules of thumb for dealing with travelling pets.

Prior to New York City passing a bylaw in 1978 forcing owners to pick up after their dogs, how many pounds of dog poop were deposited along their sidewalks annually?

  • 29 million pounds
  • 33 million pounds
  • 40 million pounds

When you travel by car with your pet, always make sure that:

  • you exercise your pet before you leave them in the car while you eat or take in an attraction
  • you always use a leash when you stop and take your pet out of the vehicle for exercise or bathroom needs
  • If you cannot take your pet with you during a short stop, make sure that someone stays in the car with them.

What is a wise thing to do with your pet regardless of whether you plan to take them in your car or not?

  • Always use the same vet to treat your pet and do not hop from clinic to clinic.
  • Make sure that your pet has a current ID on or better still have them implanted with a microchip.
  • Research their breed as much as you can so you are fully aware of their uniqueness and traits.

About how many dogs are estimated to die each year because they were riding in the bed of a pickup truck?

  • 150 thousand
  • 100 thousand
  • 70 thousand

Where should dogs be sitting or lying when they are traveling in your car?

  • It is best to restrain a dog on the floor in the front set where they have the most room.
  • If you are alone, let your dog ride shotgun, right up in front with you.
  • Pets should be riding in the back seat and properly restrained in an appropriate harness.

What is a law that you may have problems with in some states if you travel with a dog breed or mix that has a history of being bred for fighting and aggression?

  • aggressive-canine law (ACL)
  • breed-specific laws (BSL)
  • carnivore canine law (CCL)

How many states require that your dog must be harnessed to a seat restraint when traveling in any car or truck?

  • There are about 25 states requiring the harnessing of pets while travelling in a vehicle.
  • Presently there are no states requiring pet harness by law in cars or trucks.
  • There are 10 states with a law requiring pets to be harnessed in a vehicle.

How long do rabies shots adequately protect your pet before they must have a booster shot?

  • three to five years
  • three years
  • one to four years

What mode of car travel do most cats prefer and is likely the best method regardless?

  • Cats prefer to travel in their case placed in the trunk of the car where it is dark.
  • Cats prefer to travel with a cotton blanket while properly restrained in a rear facing infant safety seat.
  • Cats travel best in a small crate or approved travel case placed in the back seat.

What is the best way to manage feeding of your pet during the road trip?

  • Make food and water available in the crate as you travel for a happy pet.
  • Never feed your pet any less than four hours before you start a trip, give water only during the trip.
  • Do not allow you pet anything but its toys while driving, feed and water only during stops.

What is a dangerous practice when traveling with a dog that many people are unaware of?

  • Allowing your dog to sleep for longer than an hour at a time while you are driving is a dangerous practice.
  • Nonstop driving for more than three hours in a stretch with an animal travelling in the car is dangerous.
  • Allowing your dog to hang its head out your car window while driving is a dangerous practice.

On a warm day, what temperature can your cars interior soar to in only a few minutes even with an open window?

  • 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 130 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 120 degrees Fahrenheit

What is one final thing that you should always do when you travel with a pet in the car?

  • Take frequent pit stops and breaks where you get everyone including pets out for some exercise.
  • Make up a pet clean up kit with a bucket, paper towels, plastic bags a multipurpose cleaner and nail clippers.
  • Both of the above are wise pet travel tips.