The Ultimate Toddler Bedroom Decorating Quiz
by Staff
Decorating a toddler's bedroom can be challenging. Toddlers are easily scared or delighted, and they like to get into everything. Knowing some decorating ideas for toddler bedrooms can help you design a space that will be fun and safe for your little one. Take this quiz and see what you know about decorating toddler bedrooms.

What is an important difference between toddlers and preschoolers?

  • Toddlers may not appreciate complex visuals.
  • Energy levels are different.
  • Toddlers are not mobile.

How can you incorporate your child's love of cartoons into the room décor?

  • posters
  • trompe l'oeil wall paintings
  • wall murals

How can you childproof your home?

  • hire a service
  • do-it-yourself
  • both answers

What kind of childproofing may be done on your hands and knees?

  • To discover dangerous situations, get down to your child's level.
  • A childproofing game is done on your hands and knees.
  • To search for dangerous objects on the floor, get on your hands and knees.

How can you childproof the shower or bath?

  • Use an antiscald device on the faucet.
  • Store all medicines safely.
  • Both answers are correct

Why are happy themes a good choice for toddler décor?

  • Most toddlers don't understand what is fact or fantasy and may scare easily.
  • Toddlers may fall asleep more quickly in a happy themed room.
  • Toddlers prefer happy themes to scary themes.

Should I buy adult-sized furniture?

  • Adult size furniture is perfect for a toddler room.
  • Add some toddler-sized chairs and tables to the adult items.
  • Toddler furniture is only available by special order.

What prints may I mix in a toddler's room?

  • flowers with butterflies
  • checks with circles
  • most anything

How can you use Velcro to create games on the walls?

  • On the wall, paint a race track and use Velcro to position the cars.
  • On the wall, paint tic-tac-toe or checker boards and use Velcro as playing markers.
  • Both answers may be good ideas.

What is a window valance?

  • black-out covering
  • covering for top part of window
  • full window cover

Is it acceptable to use outdoor furniture as décor for a toddler's room?

  • Only indoor furniture should be used.
  • Outdoor furniture may be just right for your toddler's room.
  • Outdoor furniture would be too casual for inside use.

When are children considered toddlers?

  • kindergarten age
  • when they toddle
  • after toilet training

Why do parents have to warn toddlers about safety over and over again?

  • They are not aware of danger.
  • They are poorly behaved.
  • They have no memory.

Why should you decorate your toddler's room in a way that makes you happy, also?

  • Your happiness comes first.
  • You communicate your happiness to your child.
  • It is your home.

Why should you use only the suggestion of a theme?

  • A suggestion of a theme may have longer lasting appeal.
  • A suggestion of a theme is easier to decorate.
  • A suggestion of a theme is not gender specific.

What is a versatile theme?

  • color
  • pattern
  • both

When should you be concerned about safety?

  • daytime
  • nighttime
  • anytime

What safety gadget can be used to keep children in their room?

  • safety gate
  • closed door
  • locked door

Would building a castle be too much for a toddler's room?

  • If the room is small, a smaller theme may be better.
  • If you have the room, a castle would be a dreamy decor.
  • Such an expensive project would not be appropriate.

Why is a daybed a good choice?

  • Daybeds double as seating.
  • Daybeds are used during the day.
  • Daybeds are easy to make-up.