The Ultimate Tool Organizing Quiz
by Staff
Everyone has at least a few basic tools, such as a hammer, screwdriver and measuring tape; and seasonal tools, such as a lawnmower and garden hose. Some people even have power tools and a garage set up as a work area. Disorganization for basic hand tools, bigger power tools, and even seasonal tools is a problem for the novice and the expert alike. Take this quiz and find out how your can organize your tools.

What is the first thing you should do when organizing your tools?

  • take inventory
  • throw away broken tools
  • buy a tool chest

Organize your tools into:

  • keep, donate and trash categories
  • hand tools, power tools and seasonal tools categories
  • frequent use and rarely use categories

What roadblock will you likely run into when organizing your tools?

  • broken tools
  • missing pieces
  • tool accessories

Most families own ____ hand tools.

  • three
  • five
  • ten

What type of tool is the easiest to lose?

  • power tools
  • seasonal tools
  • hand tools

Most people simply need ________ to properly organize their hand tools.

  • a tool box
  • a tool chest
  • a new hand tool set

A tool box should have:

  • several compartments
  • a good handle
  • both of the above

Consider purchasing a stationary tool box if:

  • you own several tools
  • your work primarily in one place
  • both of the above

Which power tool do many people own?

  • a drill
  • a bet sander
  • both of the above

How should you store your power tools if you have a small collection?

  • in a tool box
  • in a cabinet
  • on your workbench

What is a common way to store power tools if you have a bigger collection?

  • in a tool chest
  • in containers
  • on a pegboard

Why should you store your power tools in containers?

  • to prevent scuff marks
  • to prevent water damage
  • both of the above

Why should you avoid storing your power tools on the ground?

  • for safety reasons
  • to prevent water damage
  • both of the above

Where should you store your power tools if you use them frequently?

  • a tool chest
  • a cabinet
  • on a pegboard

What is an example of a seasonal tool?

  • lawnmower
  • pruning sheers
  • both of the above

Seasonal tools are typically _________ than non-seasonal tools.

  • larger
  • smaller
  • more expensive

How should you store large seasonal tools?

  • in a cabinet
  • hanging from the ceiling
  • either of the above

How should you store small seasonal tools?

  • in a container
  • in a bucket
  • either of the above

How should you organize small tool accessories?

  • buy a special tool box that has small compartments
  • buy small plastic organizers
  • either of the above

What item can help your organize your tool accessories?

  • a magnet
  • a pegboard
  • a shelf