The Ultimate Top-Loading Washer Quiz
by Staff
Knowing the benefits of top-loading washing machines might convince you to choose this model. The Internet can help you to compare options and prices. Take this quiz to learn the top five benefits of top-loading washers.

What is the latest trend in washing machines?

  • front-loaders
  • top-loaders
  • stacked

What is a benefit of purchasing a top-loading washing machine versus a front-loader?

  • lower price
  • higher price
  • more features

What does Geddy Lee of the rock band Rush use washers and dryers for?

  • to fill up empty space on stage
  • to throw into the audience
  • to stand on

Which washing machines offer high efficiency models?

  • top-loaders
  • front-loaders
  • both answers

Why may top-loading washing machines be more reliable than front-loaders?

  • tested and proved mechanisms
  • use more costly mechanisms
  • both answers

What is a common problem of front-loading washers?

  • mildew buildup
  • door locks
  • shortage of parts

Why may water leakage be a concern with front-loading washing machines?

  • faulty door locks
  • faulty door seals
  • cracked glass windows

Who is qualified to repair your washing machine?

  • do-it-yourself
  • professional service call
  • both answers

How does high-efficiency laundry detergent differ from regular laundry detergent?

  • non-sudsing
  • non-scented
  • extra sudsing

What may happen if you use regular laundry detergent in a front-loading washing machine?

  • nothing will happen
  • damage
  • better cleaning

Where do you buy high-efficiency laundry detergent?

  • wherever regular detergent is sold
  • specialty shops
  • Internet only

How do you know what laundry detergent is high efficiency?

  • HE label
  • read the ingredients
  • non-sudsing label

Why may some people prefer a top-loader for physical reasons?

  • difficult to bend down
  • difficult to reach up
  • difficult to stand

Which type of washing machine may have more models to choose from?

  • top-loaders
  • front-loaders
  • stacked

Which washing machine style may have budget models available?

  • top-loaders
  • front-loaders
  • stacked

Which style of washing machine may have less costly service calls?

  • top-loaders
  • front-loader
  • stacked

Which type of washing machine has a more complex mechanism?

  • top-loader
  • front-loader
  • stacked

What is a quick way to check out washing machine models and options?

  • Internet
  • magazines
  • newspapers

When was the electric washing machine invented?

  • 1910
  • 1930
  • 1950

Front-load washers claim they have a smaller:

  • laundry capacity
  • carbon footprint
  • color selection