The Ultimate Top Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots Quiz
by Staff
You want to take your favorite pet on vacation this year and perhaps you are not sure where to go. Take our quiz and learn more about pet-friendly vacation spots.

What is a U.S. statistic that may surprise even avid pet lovers?

  • The percentage of families with pets is triple that of families with children.
  • The percentage of families with pets is double that of families with children.
  • The percentage of families with pets is more than equal that of families with children.

How many Americans traveled with their pets in 2007?

  • 29 million
  • 35 million
  • 47 million

How many pet dogs were there in American families at the end of 2009?

  • 46.3 million
  • 58.9 million
  • 77.5 million

What is a most basic rule of thumb to follow when traveling with a pet?

  • Tranquilize your pet before starting out on your journey.
  • Always scoop the poop, never leave excrement for someone else to discover by accident.
  • Both of the above are basic rules of thumb for dealing with travelling pets.

How many miles of hiking trails, many of which are open to pets, does Arkansas claim to have?

  • 1,000 miles (1,609 KM)
  • 1,500 miles (2,414 KM)
  • 1,800 miles (2,896 KM)

How many miles in length is the Appalachian Trail?

  • 2,170 miles
  • 2,017 miles
  • 1,959 miles

Where can you go and take your horse on vacation with you?

  • Big South Fork National River and Recreational Area in Tennessee and Kentucky
  • Watson Mill Bridge State Park in Georgia
  • both of the above

In Newport, Ore. who was the Chairman of Rogue that is honored in the Annual Brewer's Memorial Ale Fest?

  • Rouge the Alemaster
  • Brewer the Brewdawg
  • Sparky the Beerlaper

About how many dogs enter shows hosted the American Kennel Club each year?

  • 5 million
  • 4 million
  • 3 million

What should you do before you take your pet camping with you?

  • Make sure that all of your pet’s immunizations are up to date.
  • Make sure you treat your pet with flea and tick repellant as often as necessary.
  • Both of the above are important for camping pets.

What is a rule regarding pets at theme parks that allow entrance to your pets?

  • Pets are prohibited entrance to rides but you can put them in an unsupervised kennel.
  • Pets are prohibited entrance to rides but you can keep them with you on a leash.
  • Both of the above are true of many theme parks.

What is typical in regards to pets in most state and national parks?

  • State and national parks are about the only places left where your pets have complete freedom.
  • State and national parks have very strict rules governing pets and owners entering a park.
  • Most state and national parks have a full ban preventing pets from entering their borders.

How many competitions does the Cat Fanciers Association host each year around the world?

  • 500 competitions
  • 400 competitions
  • 300 competitions

What will most airlines and some resorts and hotels require from you for your international traveling pet?

  • You will be required to have documentation from your vet of pet health and immunization.
  • You will need to sign a waiver attesting that they have no liability for your pets care or safety.
  • You will need to pay a large refundable damage deposit.

What is the maximum number of days prior to flight for a vet’s pet health certificate issuance to be accepted by an airline?

  • 15 days
  • 10 days
  • 7 days

How many kennels to care for your furry friend does Disney World have currently?

  • seven
  • five
  • three

What is something unique that you and your dog can do together while in New York City?

  • You can shop with them at elegant department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Ralph Lauren and Tiffany’s.
  • You can take them on one of three doggie-and-me excursions offered by New York Dog Tours.
  • You can do both of the above in the city that never sleeps.

What is unique about Coronado Dog Beach in California and Susan Kimmelman Dog Beach in Chicago?

  • Only dogs are allowed in the water and there are trained lifeguard dogs on duty with their human handlers.
  • Dogs and their owners may roam the beach or swim in the water without a leash.
  • An underwater fence surrounds both beaches to prevent a dog from swimming more than 100 feet from shore.

What is a recent trend in some cities parks designed to better accommodate dogs and their owners?

  • Many cities have dog parks where the entire perimeter is fenced so your dog can run and play without worry.
  • Many cities have designated some public auditoriums with dog play and exercise schedules in the winter.
  • Get your Frisbee or ball ready as many cities have converted little used tennis courts into fenced doggie play areas.

What percentage do people vacationing with dogs comprise of all people that vacation with pets?

  • 78 percent
  • 68 percent
  • 58 percent