The Ultimate Top Spring Cleaning Tools Quiz
by Staff
During the winter a lot of us have a tendency to put off things till spring. The thing is, spring eventually comes and we have to prepare for spring cleaning by making an inventory of the cleaning tools we will need. Take this quiz to see what you'll need.

What tends to happen in the winter?

  • Homes are usually kept closed and become a bit stuffy.
  • The crisp cold air motivates us to get things done.
  • There is a of alertness and desire to get ready for spring.

What are the signs of spring approaching?

  • end of season sales
  • longer nights
  • more sunlight hours and buds on the trees

What is it about winter that causes us to postpone tasks and stay at home?

  • Humans tend to identify with hibernating animals waiting for spring.
  • Winter is a time for surviving before attacking our spring tasks.
  • So much energy is expended in winter just to keep warm and dry that taking on extra tasks is impossible.

To clean furniture, what type of spray polish is better for regular use?

  • Any spray that leaves a substantial waxy coating is good.
  • Use the spray with the strongest cleaning power.
  • Spray polishes can damage wood and are not recommended.

How effective are liquid and semi-solid furniture polishes for routine dusting?

  • They are for polishing not dusting.
  • They do the job well.
  • Liquid polishes are better for dusting.

What is a good tool for dusting?

  • damp cloth
  • feather duster
  • anything creating electrostatic charges

What type is recommended?

  • parrot feathers
  • any feather duster
  • ostrich feathers

Why is this particular feather recommended?

  • It traps dust well.
  • Its electrostatic charge loosens the dust.
  • It is inexpensive and easily cleaned.

What other material is used for dusters?

  • horsehair
  • polyester
  • lambswool

What is the advantage of this particular material?

  • It is inexpensive.
  • It does not create an electrostatic charge.
  • It moves the dust rather than trapping it.

What does a good duster cost?

  • 10
  • 20
  • 30

What is one of the main problems related to spring cleaning?

  • fatigue
  • skin irritation
  • stained clothing

What can you do about this problem?

  • coat your hands with petroleum jelly
  • disposable plastic gloves
  • rubber gloves

Is there an environmentally friendly solution?

  • Use green cleaners.
  • Only the heavy duty cleaners work well, just dispose of the container properly
  • Use household products like vinegar, baking soda and salt.

What other problem is there with spring cleaning?

  • Concentrations of fumes from cleaning chemicals can harm the ozone layer.
  • You can ruin your clothing.
  • There is a risk of germ infection.

Is a mop always a good way to wash the floor?

  • if the mop head is porous
  • if the mop head is free of residual grime
  • if there is no electrostatic charge

How are floors in hospitals washed?

  • using special wringers for mop heads
  • with special anti-septic detergents
  • reusable microfiber pads

What does changing mop pads accomplish other than cleaning?

  • cross-contamination
  • scratch marks
  • residual grime

How would you clean windows if you had no glass cleaning spray?

  • liquid soap and paper towels
  • vinegar and water followed by a squeegee
  • baking soda and lemon juice and a soft cotton cloth

What is the environmentally friendly way of combating bacteria on your cleaning sponges?

  • soak them in vinegar
  • wash them in salt water
  • microwave them