The Ultimate Top Water Bass Fishing Quiz
by Staff
For many anglers, top water bass fishing is the most visual and powerful kind. Take this quiz to learn more about what they find so exciting.

What is often described as the most visual and exciting kind of fishing?

  • upstream spawning bass fishing
  • bass trolling in the rapids
  • top water bass fishing

Just how does this work?

  • The lure floats on the surface.
  • The lure drops beneath the surface then jumps out of the water.
  • The lure dangles above the surface like a noisy flying insect.

This seems to be like any other fishing, so what really differentiates it?

  • a number of bass usually fight over each bait
  • the bass put up a strong fight underwater
  • the action is on the surface

When is topwater fishing best?

  • post-spawning
  • spawning
  • pre-spawning

How does the summer affect fishing for bass?

  • The bass are lethargic and easy to reel in.
  • The bass will fight more energetically.
  • The bass swim near the surface and can see the fishing line.

What happens when the water temperature is too high?

  • The bass lose their appetite and do not bite.
  • The bass come to the surface to enjoy greater oxygen levels.
  • The bass will not come to the surface.

Why do fish prefer the warmer waters?

  • They are cold-blooded.
  • There is more food available in the warmer water.
  • They are warm-blooded.

Can you fish in colder water?

  • if you use suitable bait and lures
  • not worth it
  • if you release quantities of live bait to attract the fish

What time of day is best for bass fishing?

  • middle of the day
  • dawn
  • night

What do bass do when it rains?

  • stay in deep waters
  • come to the surface attracted by the turbulence
  • come looking for food

What are top water lures made of?

  • aluminum
  • rubber
  • cork

How did the popper get its name?

  • Water flowing through it causes the mouth to open and close making a popping noise.
  • The bass makes a popping noise as it swallows the lure.
  • It makes a popping sound when it hits the water.

Which lure is best for murky water of heavy weeds?

  • crankbait
  • buzzbait
  • spinnerbait

How do buzzbaits work?

  • A moveable fin flaps in the water like a fish tail.
  • A fish-shaped device makes a buzzing noise.
  • A propeller blade is attached to one line and a hook to the other.

Which lures resemble frogs, flies or other insects?

  • surface lures
  • jigs
  • spinnerbait

Which of the lures seems, generally, to be the most attractive to bass?

  • surface
  • buzzbait
  • spinnerbait

Is the color of the lure important?

  • Match lure color to that of the prey of the bass.
  • Bass are color-blind so any bright lure will work.
  • Bass seem to be attracted more to green lures.

Which lures are hard to work in rough water?

  • buzzbait
  • popper
  • surface

What is the most important factor in top water fishing?

  • watch your lure
  • choose the right lure
  • keep the line as tight as possible

When should you set the hook?

  • Set the hook immediately.
  • Wait a few seconds.
  • Let the bass get a good bite and only after it starts to swim off, set the hook.