Quiz: Do you have Toxic Chinese Drywall in your Home?
by Staff
You may have a problem with your walls and ceilings if Chinese drywall was used in their construction. Complaints by consumers have uncovered the fact that some of the Chinese drywall used in the last several years was tainted with toxic chemicals. Take this quiz now to find out if you have enough information to ensure that your walls are safe.

Your home likely has walls made from sheets of drywall if it was built after when?

  • World War II
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War

What material is used to make drywall?

  • limestone
  • talc
  • gypsum

Approximately how many tons of drywall are produced annually in the United States?

  • 15 million tons
  • 20 million tons
  • 25 million tons

What phenomena prompted American builders to seek drywall outside the United States?

  • the high cost of petroleum in the early 1990s
  • military forces returning from the first war in Iraq
  • growth in real estate between 2001 and 2005

How much drywall did the United States import from China between 2004 and 2008?

  • 450 million pounds (202.5 million kilograms)
  • 550 million pounds (247.5 million kilograms)
  • 650 million pounds (292.5 million kilograms)

Why did some American builders prefer to use Chinese drywall, even before there was a shortage of it in the U.S.?

  • Chinese drywall cost less than American drywall.
  • Chinese drywall was better quality than American drywall.
  • Chinese drywall easier to install than American drywall.

What prompted the eventual discovery of problems related to Chinese drywall?

  • Paint and wallpaper were peeling off homeowners' walls.
  • Homeowners felt sick at home but great elsewhere.
  • Homeowners were searching for the cause of bad smells and unexplained health problems.

How do consumers typically describe the smell originating from their walls?

  • melting plastic
  • mildew
  • rotting eggs

Besides a foul odor, what else is considered a classic symptom of tainted Chinese drywall

  • powdery residue on appliance cords
  • chronic failure of electric appliances
  • smoky film on windows

What company was eventually found to be the source of the bulk of tainted Chinese drywall?

  • Integrated China Building Corp
  • Knauf Plasterboard Tinajin Co. Ltd.
  • Beijing Wallboard and Siding Co. Ltd.

What did the implicated company do once investigation proved that the product originated with them?

  • They claimed that they had stopped using the only mine where the tainted gypsum originated.
  • They still maintained that the tainted drywall did not come from their company.
  • They offered a compensation package to homeowners that can prove they supplied the tainted drywall.

According to recent data, how many homes are suspected of containing toxic gypsum drywall?

  • around 75,000 homes
  • around 100,000 homes
  • around 150,000 homes

If tainted drywall was used for construction in at least 41 states, why is the problem much worse in Florida?

  • Florida built the most homes during the time period in question.
  • Florida used the largest amount of Chinese drywall.
  • The heat and humidity typical of Florida intensified the off-gassing of toxic vapors.

What is the status of a U.S. federal bill to study, find solutions to and institute financial compensation for the problem with imported drywall?

  • passed only the House of Representatives
  • passed both houses of Congress but not signed into law
  • still in committee

What should you do if you suspect your home contains toxic Chinese drywall?

  • Call your local fire department for an inspection.
  • Call your local poison control center and explain the situation.
  • Call the Homeowners Consumer Center toll free.