The Ultimate Trail Tracker Quiz
by Staff
With the growing popularity of off-roading, drivers are looking for places to try out their vehicles. The on-line community of Trail Tracker provides a community for the exchange of information and experiences which you, too, can enjoy after taking this quiz.

What is the main use of many sport utility vehicles?

  • grocery shopping
  • pulling trailers
  • off-roading

What is Trail Tracker?

  • GPS
  • magazine devoted to off-roading
  • Web site

Who sponsors Trail Tracker?

  • major tire manufacturer
  • major vehicle manufacturer
  • coalition of nature conservation organizations

Why is it hard to find places to drive off-road vehicles?

  • opposition of property owners
  • urban development
  • most areas are fenced off

What is the charge for using the Trail Tracker site?

  • $25 one time fee
  • $10 one time fee
  • free

How do you find a trail?

  • post query to the forum
  • enter location in search bar
  • choose a state and check the list of sites

What does the sponsor feature on the right side of the screen?

  • off-road vehicles
  • accessories for off-roading
  • selected trails

What is the quick way to see if there are any nearby trails?

  • Type name of state.
  • Move mouse over the interactive map.
  • Check the FAQ section.

How are the trails organized?

  • by city
  • by length
  • by difficulty

What is the easiest trail?

  • any gravel trail
  • paved road
  • dirt road

What does a rating of one to three indicate?

  • gravel trail
  • rocky road
  • uneven road

Do you need a four-wheel-drive for all the trails?

  • for all categories
  • second and third category
  • third category

For trails rated eight to ten what is needed?

  • second vehicle as backup
  • certification for extreme off-roading
  • winches and lifts

Who can add a trail to Trail Tracker?

  • registered users
  • anyone
  • only certified off-road drivers

How do you register?

  • email a request to the on-line forum
  • one-time subscription fee
  • create a user account

In what format is data uploaded?

  • word files
  • GPX files
  • excel files

Can users upload photos directly to the site?

  • They can upload directly.
  • Photos need to be posted to the user forum first.
  • Only moderators can upload directly to the site.

At the bottom of the Trail Tracker site it says powered by EveryTrail, what is EveryTrail?

  • Trail Tracker's proprietary technology
  • database maintained by the National Parks Service
  • GPS based technology

For whom is EveryTrail intended?

  • park rangers and conservationists
  • general outdoor enthusiasts
  • hikers

How do you upload trails to EveryTrail?

  • only GPX files
  • special downloadable EveryTrail format
  • draw directly on online map