The Ultimate Transporting Game Quiz
by Staff
Game animals are hunted for sport or food. Transporting dead game home, like hunting itself, is highly regulated. You need to have both a license to hunt and a transportation permit to carry your harvested game, which also requires stringent safety measures to avoid the risk of spreading disease. Take our quiz to learn more about transporting harvested game.

What legal document do you need to hunt and bring home your game?

  • hunting license
  • transportation permit
  • each of the above

What is required to be attached to harvested game before transporting it?

  • hunting license tag
  • transportation permit tag
  • both of the above

What is the primary objective of hunting?

  • to bring the animal you bagged on dinner table
  • to mount the hunted animal on the living room wall
  • each of the above

An official at the game inspection station will band your harvest with a:

  • metal band
  • plastic band
  • rubber band

Where else can you tag the carcass apart from the site of the killing?

  • hunting camp
  • vehicle
  • both of the above

In most states, a person killing an animal must transport it to a game-check station within ___ hours of the kill.

  • 12
  • 18
  • 24

What is the threat involved in transporting harvested game?

  • safety of the hunter
  • risk of spreading disease
  • each of the above

The tag must remain on the carcass until:

  • it reaches a game check station
  • butchering
  • it reaches hunting camp

Who takes the game to the check station?

  • forest official
  • hunter
  • game inspector

What should be considered before transporting game birds?

  • the birds must have a wing attached
  • the birds must have a foot attached
  • the birds must have a beak attached

It is advisable to freeze only ____ game birds together in a package while transporting.

  • two
  • three
  • four

What does freezing many game birds together make it hard for officials to identify?

  • the gender of each individual bird
  • the species and gender of each individual bird
  • the species of each individual bird

What is the biggest concern of transporting game from the harvest site?

  • loss of meat flavor and fluid
  • introduction of disease into healthy environments
  • both of the above

Which of the following is a big game disease?

  • epilepsy
  • Merck Veterinary Manual
  • Chronic Wasting Disease

Which is an infectious viral disease of migratory birds?

  • psittacosis
  • avian flu
  • epilepsy

Which U.S. state claims being free from chronic wasting disease?

  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • West Virginia

What should be the color of your clothing while moving the harvest?

  • green
  • orange
  • yellow

Why is it required to wear orange clothing while moving your harvest through the woods?

  • to make yourself easily visible
  • to make yourself less visible
  • to deceive wild animals

Which of the following animals is not a member of the cervid family?

  • elk
  • moose
  • mouse deer

What is used to cover the harvested game while transporting it to the check station?

  • tarp
  • lime
  • soil