The Ultimate Transporting Livestock Quiz
by Staff
There comes a time in the life of every rancher when he needs to transport his livestock to market, whether by land, sea or air. If you still think nostalgically of how it was done in the Wild West, with cowboys on a cattle drive, take this quiz to see how it's done today.

Which is easier: taking the kids on a long road trip or transporting livestock to market?

  • road trip with the kids
  • transporting livestock
  • depends on your viewpoint

Where is the greater danger of injury to passengers: road trip or transporting livestock?

  • road trip
  • transporting livestock
  • statistics show the chances are even

Is any special care taken when transporting livestock?

  • Not really, if they're going to the slaughterhouse anyway.
  • The law dictates humane treatment of animals.
  • Ranchers always take superb care of their livestock.

Other than the law, is there any reason to ensure livestock reaches the slaughterhouse calm, rested and uninjured?

  • They are going to be slaughtered anyway, so it makes no difference.
  • Actually tense or frightened cattle produce better quality meat.
  • The value increases when the livestock are rested, calm and of course without injury or blemish.

What can scare animals being transported whether pets in a car or livestock in a trailer?

  • sudden braking
  • heavy metal rock music
  • high speed

What is the most basic requirement of a cattle trailer?

  • ventilation
  • closed sides and a roof
  • ventilation and space

Why is floor-level ventilation important?

  • Non-ventilated feet smell bad.
  • Fumes of urine could cause discomfort.
  • Cattle will collapse if their legs overheat.

Is there any reason not to have vents open to the highway?

  • It's illegal.
  • Actually it's a good idea.
  • The droppings are needed for fertilizer.

What weather condition is most detrimental to livestock being transported?

  • dust storms
  • rain
  • humid heat

What kind of floor is required in a trailer?

  • nonslip
  • urine-absorbent
  • soft

Why is this necessary if the trailer is full?

  • Not necessary -- the animals' close proximity prevents them falling.
  • Animals that slip can panic.
  • Not enough room for animals to lie down in comfort.

How do you make the floor nonslip?

  • plastic bubble wrap
  • cardboard boxes
  • cross slats of wood

Can padding the sides of the trailer help?

  • It can help.
  • Not a good idea, the cattle will fight to get a padded spot.
  • It can give the cattle complexes about incarceration in a padded trailer.

What is the first rule for handling livestock?

  • Be gentle and persuasive
  • Be firm and assertive.
  • Avoid it.

How do you load livestock?

  • quickly and efficiently
  • slowly and quietly
  • loudly to distract them

How long does it usually take to calm a spooked animal?

  • 10 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • 30 minutes

To whom do frightened animals pose the greatest threat?

  • to everyone in the area
  • themselves
  • other livestock

How do most animals relate to being in close contact with their herd mates?

  • don't like it but manage
  • prefer it
  • object strongly

What is an animal's flight zone?

  • It's a comfort zone.
  • It's the direction in which they will flee.
  • The distance they can cover before being caught is the flight zone.

What determines a flight zone?

  • differs according to species
  • depends on weather conditions
  • animal's state of mind