The Ultimate Trapping Quiz
by Staff
Trapping animals has been a method of acquiring food or fur for thousands of years. Today, trapping is also regulated by states to control their populations, as well as to avoid having animals suffer. Take this quiz to learn more about trapping animals.

Why do hunters trap animals?

  • food and fur
  • animal control, scientific research and sport
  • both answers

What large animal may be trapped for fur?

  • mouse
  • bear
  • horse

What common animal trap is used for animal control?

  • mousetrap
  • fur trap
  • neither answer

What agency regulates the trapping of animals?

  • federal government
  • state government
  • county government

Which is an animal trap?

  • body-gripping trap
  • snares
  • both answers

What is a negative of trapping?

  • suffering of animals
  • dangerous to hunters
  • inefficient for hunting

When did fur trapping originate in North America?

  • 1600s
  • 1700s
  • 1800s

How did fur trapping facilitate exploration?

  • in search of animals
  • in search of new traps
  • neither answer

How does trapping help protect the growth of crops?

  • increases time spent of crop maintenance
  • animal control
  • increases animal populations

When did Sears stop buying furs?

  • 1942
  • 1952
  • 1959

Who was Johnny Muskrat?

  • radio narrator and writer
  • trapper
  • hunter

What was a prize given by the National Fur Show for best trapper?

  • mousetrap
  • trophy
  • car

What is the best trap to use for catch and release of an animal?

  • cage
  • foothold
  • glue

What is the most expensive type of trap?

  • foothold
  • snare
  • cage

In New Hampshire, how often do ice traps require monitoring?

  • 24 hours
  • 36 hours
  • 72 hours

Why do scientists trap animals?

  • study the animals
  • to skin them for fur
  • as inexpensive source of meat

What is considered to be the most humane trap for the capture of animals?

  • padded leg trap
  • glue trap
  • snare

What other animals can be accidentally trapped in a large cage trap?

  • threatened animals
  • humans
  • both answers

What cold happen if a mouse's face gets caught in a glue trap?

  • suffocate
  • chew off a leg
  • neither answer

Why do states have regulations regarding how often trappers need to monitor their traps?

  • prevent unintended capture of animals
  • prevent undue suffering of animals
  • raise money from fines