The Ultimate Travel Insurance Quiz
by Staff
For almost any type of traveling, it is sound advice to think carefully about travel insurance. Falling ill abroad without insurance might cost you thousands and most people would agree that you shouldn't take risks with this sort of thing. Take this quiz and learn more about travel insurance.

Do all kinds of vacations warrant getting travel insurance?

  • Neither of the below is true.
  • Yes.
  • Not necessarily.

Which of these offers travel insurance?

  • your credit card company
  • your bank manager
  • your flight ticket issuer

The most basic flight insurance can be as little as:

  • 1
  • 10
  • 50

Under some comprehensive policies, how much does travel insurance cost?

  • between 1 percent and 5 percent of the total cost of your trip
  • between 3 percent and 8 percent of the total cost of your trip
  • between 7 percent and 10 percent of the total cost of your trip

What does a medical/health policy cover?

  • any medical and dental expenses due to injury, but not illness
  • any medical, but not dental, expenses due to injury or illness
  • any medical and dental expenses due to injury or illness

If you have cancellation coverage, what circumstances can you cancel your trip for?

  • rainy weather at your destination
  • season's tickets to baseball that you forgot about when you booked
  • sickness or death of a family member

The airport is snowed in and there will be no flights for two days. What travel insurance covers your needing to be put up at a hotel?

  • cancellation coverage
  • delay coverage
  • trip interruption coverage

In what ways does travel assistance service your needs?

  • They help with locating recommended dining venues.
  • They help with poorly managed tours and sightseeing trips.
  • They help with lost or stolen passports, money transfers and legal needs.

If you are planning to travel, what is the first step in securing travel insurance?

  • surfing the Internet for different insurance policy formulae
  • calling your agent and determining whether you are already covered with existing policies
  • calling your credit card company on the day you purchase the ticket and arranging it by phone

If you have MasterCard's World Elite card, what do you need to be eligible for certain services?

  • a good credit rating and income
  • personal acquaintance with the staff
  • a keen knowledge of the mechanisms of insurance policies

Under your insurance policy, it's important to know whether expenses are covered up front or:

  • whether they're written off
  • not covered at all
  • whether you pay and get reimbursed later

How much in advance of your trip is the recommended time period for insurance coverage?

  • at least two weeks before the trip
  • one month before your trip
  • two days before your trip

How much information should you share with your insurance agent?

  • You should be cautious about what you say because you can't trust just anybody.
  • You should let them know where you're going and what activities you plan to do.
  • You shouldn't divulge any information about your expected whereabouts lest you deviate from the plan.

If something is stolen, can you just call the insurance company or do you need to take other action?

  • You should also write a letter to the insurance company.
  • Calling the company should be sufficient.
  • You also need to report it to the local authorities.

Adventure tourism has become increasingly popular in recent years. What has this done for the travel insurance business?

  • It has led to more and more companies offering insurance.
  • It has raised the cost of insurance.
  • It has led to more circumstances being covered.

In 2007, AIG Travel Guard began to offer a "no questions asked" policy. What did this refer to?

  • a last-minute cancellation for 75percent of the trip cost, regardless of the reason for canceling
  • coverage for a great many claims, regardless of their nature or credibility
  • a policy whereby the company didn't need to know any information at all about the traveler's plans

What unusual policy does Travelex offer?

  • buy 30 days of insurance, get three days for free
  • coverage for your traveling pet
  • reimbursement for event tickets, such as a concert

You might have to cancel a trip due to business obligations. What is the most sensible option?

  • cancel the trip but lose your money
  • get cheap workaholics' insurance in advance for these eventualities
  • forego on the business obligation because you've already purchased the ticket

There is such a thing as insurance for hurricane warnings. Up to how long before your departure can you cancel a trip for this reason?

  • up to 12 hours
  • up to 24 hours
  • up to 36 hours

Citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) can get coverage under the European Health Insurance Card. Which non-EEA country participates in this program?

  • Britain
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland