The Ultimate Tread Lightly! Quiz
by Staff
Tread Lightly! was introduced by the U.S. Forestry Service as a result of the growing popularity of outdoor recreation. It is a non-profit advocate for outdoor recreational education and sustainable land management. Take this quiz to understand how it works.

What is distinctly American about off-road recreation?

  • moving off paved roads
  • rugged individualism
  • riding powerful motorbikes

What is ironic about off-roading?

  • Off-road vehicles disturb the quiet of deserted areas.
  • The vehicles are gas-guzzlers polluting the environment.
  • Despite prizing untouched wilderness the vehicles leave tracks.

What is threatened by off-road vehicles?

  • wellbeing of remote natural habitats
  • safety of the drivers and riders
  • peace and tranquility of residents of rural areas

Is off-roading the only threat to fragile ecosystems?

  • Only the heavier four-wheel-drive vehicles are threats.
  • All motorized vehicles can cause harm.
  • All outdoor activities can be threats.

How can hikers possible harm the environment?

  • There is absolutely no harm in hiking.
  • Even a responsible law-abiding hiker can unwittingly disturb breeding grounds.
  • Only hikers that litter or deliberately damage plant life are harmful.

On what does the future of outdoor activities depend?

  • more awareness of ethical recreational practices
  • increased funding for trail development
  • advocating the opening of specific off-road trails for motorized vehicles

When was the Tread Lightly! Program launched?

  • 1990
  • 1985
  • 1980

What is the main focus of the organization?

  • It works to develop more trails for off-roading.
  • It focuses on trail safety.
  • It advocates outdoor education and viable land management.

What is the function of the private sector in the work of the Tread Lightly! Organization?

  • They advocate ethical use of their products.
  • They offer discounts on their products to members.
  • They sponsor development of safer off-road trails.

How would you define the basic Tread Lightly! mission?

  • Educating the public in environmental threats.
  • Developing suitable off-road trails for all types of vehicles and hikers.
  • Creating a balance between outdoor recreation and environmental preservation.

Which animal causes the most damage to the environment?

  • predators
  • man
  • rodents

What is land stewardship?

  • It is ensuring the long-term viability of a natural resource.
  • It means making the land as profitable as possible.
  • It is creating a balance between agriculture and outdoor recreation.

What does the Tread Lightly! Pledge say about impact on the land?

  • Create a new trail only if the existing one is inadequate.
  • Clear any obstacles you encounter along the trail.
  • Don't create new trails.

How are motorized vehicle owners expected to respect the rights of others?

  • by moving off the trail to pass hikers
  • by yielding to hikers and bikers
  • by driving as quietly as possible past hoses

Which of the following best allows for future use of the outdoors??

  • Obey all signs and get permission to enter private land
  • Don't remove animals or plants.
  • Remove any litter, don't harm wildlife and volunteer to restore trails.

What is the Tread Trainer program?

  • It trains people to supervise trails used by motorized vehicles.
  • It trains advocates for land stewardship.
  • It prepares nature lovers to guide groups on outdoor adventure tours.

What doe the training program focus on?

  • proper behavior of hikers and campers in respect to nature
  • trains volunteers to restore trails
  • ethical behavior of motorized vehicle owners

What program was created in 1997 to improve trails?

  • Restoration for Recreation
  • Master Trainer
  • Trailblazers

What practical benefit is there for corporations involved in sponsoring Tread Lightly! activities?

  • just the satisfaction of contributing to a good cause
  • potential advantage in acquiring government contracts
  • improves corporate image

What advantage does Tread Lightly have over state or government bodies?

  • It was once a government body.
  • It is a grassroots non-profit organization that motivates volunteers to participate.
  • Corporate funding permit it to pursue an independent agenda free of government regulations.