The Ultimate Tree Climbing Quiz
by Staff
Recreational tree climbing is becoming a popular activity that brings back some of the joys of childhood. However, tree climbing today is not kid stuff. Before you attempt your next tree climb, take our quiz to learn more about how to do it safely.

What kind of activity is tree climbing?

  • recreational
  • technical
  • both

What is an arborist?

  • health-care specialist
  • tree-care specialist
  • child-care specialist

Who teaches tree-climbing techniques to beginners?

  • facilitators
  • instructors
  • arborist

Who is responsible for leading group tree climbs?

  • facilitators
  • instructors
  • arborist

Which U.S. government body offers training sessions to tree-climbing instructors?

  • Department of Agriculture Service
  • Department of Forest Service
  • Department of Agriculture Forest Service

Who needs tree-climbing gear?

  • first-timers
  • professionals
  • beginners

Tree climbing ropes are typically made out of braided:

  • polyester
  • iron
  • copper

Why are safety sunglasses worn during tree climbing?

  • to protect the eyes from the sun
  • to protect the eyes from wind
  • to protect the eyes from debris

How much rope do you need to climb a tree?

  • as long as the height of the tree
  • double the height of the tree
  • triple the height of the tree

Which trees are used for safe climbing?

  • wild trees
  • tame trees
  • olive trees

Who can climb wild trees?

  • arborists
  • first-timers
  • neophytes

Who of the following diagnoses diseases and insect infestations in trees?

  • scientific researcher
  • environmental activist
  • arborist

How can you benefit from tree climbing?

  • It's a good workout.
  • It's an ideal refuge.
  • It saves money.

Which are some basic tree-climbing equipment?

  • chainsaw, pole saw
  • safety harness, chip truck
  • helmet, saddle, carabiners and rope

Which equipment is utilized for climbing a tall tree?

  • helmet
  • slingshot or bow and arrow
  • saddle

Why are gloves necessary for tree climbing?

  • They protect hands from blisters.
  • They protect hands from moisture.
  • They protect hands from insects.

What is a hammock?

  • tree-climbing knot
  • tree-climbing rope
  • a hanging couch suspended between two branches

Which of the following techniques is commonly used for tree climbing?

  • single-rope technique
  • doubled-rope technique
  • rope technique

Why should helmets be worn by spectators near the climbing tree?

  • to protect from falling objects
  • to protect from falling from the tree
  • to protect from rain

Which of the following can make trees unsafe for climbing?

  • fungi
  • insects
  • both