The Ultimate Tree Stand Quiz
by Staff
Tree stands are used to give deer hunters improved visibility for making a kill. Safety should be the first concern for hunters who use deer stands, as heights and guns are a dangerous mix. Take this quiz to learn about how to set up a tree stand.

What is the main purpose of a tree stand in hunting?

  • improve visibility
  • increase safety
  • place to rest

What is considered a low height for a tree stand?

  • 10 feet
  • 12 feet
  • 35 feet

How high may some hunters install a tree stand?

  • 12 feet
  • 20 feet
  • 35 feet

Which stand is attached to a tree?

  • fixed
  • ladder
  • permanent

What stand is easier to get up and down from?

  • fixed
  • ladder
  • permanent

What type of stand is a good choice for terrain without many trees?

  • tower
  • fixed
  • ladder

Before you select a tree stand, what should you do?

  • check for restrictions
  • take climbing lessons
  • buy extra insurance

What is a sign that deer are in an area?

  • undisturbed plant life
  • deer scat
  • neither answer

What is a sign that a tree is not strong?

  • dead limbs
  • new growth
  • supple limbs

What kind of bark indicates a tree suitable for a tree stand?

  • smooth bark
  • semi-rough bark
  • flaky bark

What direction should you face when hunting from the stand?

  • towards deer signs
  • away from deer signs
  • no preference

Why do some hunters set up their tree stand several days before the hunt?

  • give deer a chance to acclimate
  • time for settling into the tree or soil
  • both answers

A tree stand is useful for hunting with what type of weapon?

  • rifle hunters
  • bow hunters
  • both answers

What safety equipment may prevent serious injury from a fall?

  • safety harness
  • bulletproof vest
  • safety goggles

Where do climbing sticks attach to?

  • tree trunk
  • ground
  • tree branches

What equipment can give you a foothold onto a tree?

  • safety harness
  • tree ladder stand
  • tree steps

How are tree steps attached to trees?

  • screwed into trees
  • attached by straps
  • both answers

What is a sign of deer feeding?

  • short clipped plants
  • undisturbed plant life
  • neither answer

How do you get 35 feet up a tree?

  • helicopter
  • cherry picker
  • climbing gear

Why should you pass on using a random tree stand?

  • unknown construction quality
  • unknown maintenance history
  • both answers