The Ultimate Tropical Fish Quiz
by Staff
When you were a kid you had a little fishbowl with one, lonely goldfish. Now you have the time and money to take this hobby more seriously, and you want to try and keep a beautiful tank full of tropical fish.

What is the average life span of a tropical fish kept in an aquarium?

  • two to three months
  • two to three years
  • two to three decades

When did keeping tropical fish become a popular hobby in the U.S.

  • after WWI
  • after WWII
  • after the Korean conflict

Most tropical fish range between what size and what size?

  • one to five centimeters
  • one to five inches
  • one to five feet

Why do most people prefer keeping freshwater fish?

  • Freshwater tanks are easier to maintain.
  • Freshwater tanks are prettier.
  • Freshwater fish live longer.

How many varieties of freshwater tropical fish have been successfully kept in home aquariums?

  • 150
  • 1500
  • 15000

Of the 1,500 varieties of tropical fish kept in home aquariums, how many are readily available on the market?

  • 100
  • 300
  • 500

What is the most popular aquarium fish?

  • puffer fish
  • goldfish
  • angelfish

Why shouldn’t you keep fish in a fishbowl?

  • Fishbowls are ugly.
  • Fishbowls do not have the proper openings.
  • Fishbowls are not sturdy.

What is the proper relationship between size of fish and volume of water?

  • one gallon per inch of fish
  • one gallon per fish
  • one gallon per three fish

If you have five fish, each of which is one inch long, how many square inches of water surface must you have?

  • 60 square inches
  • 90 square inches
  • 120 square inches

If you use an aerator, you can increase the natural capacity of your tank by how much?

  • You can double its capacity.
  • You can triple its capacity.
  • You can quadruple its capacity.

Why should you keep a freshwater tank out of direct sunlight?

  • Sunlight will cause the water in the tank to get too hot.
  • Sunlight will cause algae to grow in the tank.
  • Sunlight will hurt the fish's eyes.

What is the appropriate temperature for a freshwater tank?

  • between 50 and 60 degrees
  • between 60 and 70 degrees
  • between 70 and 80 degrees

Why should you be careful not to overfeed your fish?

  • The fish will overeat and get fat.
  • The food will go to waste.
  • The uneaten food will decay, and bacteria will grow in the tank.

Fish should not be given more food than they can eat in what amount of time?

  • three to five minutes
  • five to 10 minutes
  • 15 to 20 minutes

The most common diseases among fish are fungal diseases caused by which of these?

  • algae
  • protozoans
  • carbon dioxide

What can you do to treat a fish with a fungal disease?

  • Place the fish in a saltwater solution.
  • Feed the fish one extra meal everyday for a week.
  • Inject the fish with antibiotics.

Guppies, mollies and swordtails belong to which of these categories?

  • egg-layers
  • livebearers
  • saltwater fish

What is the main challenge in keeping saltwater fish?

  • It is not easy to provide them with seawater.
  • Saltwater fish are difficult to feed.
  • The glass for a saltwater tank is very brittle.

A saltwater tank must be made of what materials?

  • stainless steel and glass
  • cast iron and fiberglass
  • wood and stone