The Ultimate Trout Fishing Lures and Baits Quiz
by Staff
If you want to succeed in catching trout, you'll need to know all about trout fishing lures and baits. Take this quiz to learn more about what it takes to catch trout.

What can be an important factor in determining how many bites you get?

  • direction of the wind
  • number of nearby anglers
  • lures used

What is a lure?

  • imitation of a prey
  • any brightly colored float
  • device that makes noise

Is there an advantage to using live bait?

  • No, it's too much trouble.
  • It is real.
  • Professional anglers consider it too easy.

What was the largest recorded trout ever caught?

  • 50 pounds
  • 70 pounds
  • 102 pounds

How do you choose a lure when trout fishing in an unfamiliar area?

  • Ask at the local fishing goods store.
  • See what small fish are most common.
  • Do what everyone else is doing.

Since there are so many lures available, doesn't it make sense to just choose two or three of the more popular lures?

  • You only need a few lures.
  • It's not the lure that matters, it's how you use it
  • You need as wide a selection of lures as possible.

What can affect the success of a particular lure?

  • water temperature
  • alertness of the trout
  • surface waves

What is the most popular trout as a fish dinner?

  • lake trout
  • brook trout
  • brown trout

What type of lure would you try, in the spring, to catch rainbow trout?

  • spinners
  • spoons
  • jigs

Who should use a spoon?

  • experienced anglers
  • brown trout anglers
  • beginners

What type of lure is best employed by an experienced angler?

  • plugs
  • jigs
  • poppers

What care should be taken in handling live bait to ensure best results?

  • Wash your hands before handling live bait.
  • Wash your hands after handling worms.
  • Don't kill the bait when putting it on the hook.

What technique of bait use is illegal in certain states?

  • fish blood on the bait
  • fish eggs
  • chumming

How does chumming work?

  • Pieces of the fish you are trying to catch are used.
  • Bait unattached to a hook is thrown into the water.
  • Two or three different live baits are used in tandem.

What type of bait would you use to catch smaller trout?

  • red wrigglers
  • jumbo panfish worms
  • baby crawlers

What popular trout bait is sold by the dozen?

  • leeches
  • minnow
  • night crawler

If using a spawn sack to fish with, what do you need to know?

  • You should check if it is legal in your state.
  • You should be aware of the actual spawning process.
  • You need to know how deep to drop the sack.

When are egg sacks most effective?

  • in warm waters
  • when the waters are murky
  • spawning season

What is a problem in using egg sacks when fishing for trout?

  • female trout won't touch the eggs
  • could attract other fish
  • work only in spawning season

What kind of bait do fly fishers use?

  • They use flies exclusively as bait.
  • They use any bait that they have.
  • They use only lures.