The Ultimate Trout Spawning Quiz
by Staff
Excitement is in the water as the climax of the trout's life cycle approaches. The season when the trout spawn is also the best time to catch them. Take this quiz to learn more about how trout spawn.

What are fry?

  • a stage of development
  • trout that can legally be fished
  • young female trout

Who supplies food for the newly hatched young trout?

  • The female who laid the eggs remains for two to three weeks to care for the young.
  • Male and female together protect the young from predators.
  • They take care of themselves.

How long is the initial stage of development?

  • 12 months
  • eight months
  • five months

What is the distinguishing feature of the second stage of development?

  • colored fins
  • parr bars
  • patterned coloring to camouflage them

When do the trout depart their birth waters?

  • during the parr period
  • when the supply of food is insufficient for their growing appetites
  • when they become smolt

Does a trout prepare for spawning?

  • As soon as they reach maturity, the trout can spawn.
  • A few years after reaching maturity, the trout can spawn.
  • They scout the area in search of suitable partners.

What sets rainbow trout apart from other trout?

  • They spawn at an earlier age.
  • The male develops bright coloring to attract females in spawning season.
  • Females carrying eggs become aggressive and can prey on male trout.

What happens to adult trout as they approach spawning maturity?

  • They fight for dominance of the spawning grounds.
  • Their behavior becomes more aggressive when seeking food.
  • They change in color.

Other than coloring, is there a difference in appearance of an adult male approaching spawning?

  • They develop sacks on their abdomens to contain seminal fluid.
  • They develop a kype.
  • The become round in shape.

How can you tell a female prior to spawning?

  • Female becomes rounder in shape.
  • The eyes of the female protrude more to help seek partners and to avoid predators.
  • The female fins grow larger to help her swim.

Where can you catch sand trout?

  • As the name suggests, in particularly sandy areas.
  • It is a protected species so you can't catch it.
  • It was rumored to have been seen in the Sonoran Desert.

When do the brown trout spawn?

  • daytime
  • at night
  • depends on the amount of shade

When is the best time to observe lake trout spawning?

  • early morning
  • late afternoon
  • night

What differentiates rainbow trout and brown trout from other saltwater species?

  • The females are larger and more aggressive than the males.
  • They return to freshwater to spawn.
  • They spawn in coastal lagoons close to shore

How far from the lake itself do the lake trout migrate to spawn?

  • They migrate upstream to where they were born.
  • They only travel a few miles upstream until they find a secluded spot.
  • They stay in the lake.

What does the female do before depositing her eggs?

  • Digs a shallow trench.
  • Swims around slowly to attract the male trout.
  • Chases away possible predators.

What is the role of the female after laying her eggs?

  • The females watches the eggs until they hatch.
  • After the eggs are fertilized, the female covers them with sand and leaves.
  • After fertilization, the female disperses the eggs to give them a better chance of survival.

Do trout die after spawning like salmon?

  • No, they get to enjoy themselves a number of times.
  • Only the older trout that have already spawned a number of times.
  • Saltwater trout often cannot adapt to the ocean after spawning in freshwater streams and go into shock becoming easy prey for predators.

What is the most effective bait during spawning season?

  • small live fish
  • worms
  • fish eggs

When is the best time to fish?

  • during spawning season
  • after spawning season when the fish are more relaxed
  • during the late night hours before spawning season