Quiz: Could You Slash Your TV and Internet Costs?
by Staff
Are your television and Internet bills blowing your budget? Test your knowledge of how you can cut your TV and Internet costs with our quiz.

What's one way that smartphone and tablet use is changing consumers' TV-viewing habits?

  • People only watch TV for 15 minutes at a time.
  • People's habits haven't changed.
  • After seeing a product on TV, some immediately research it on their handheld device.

When it comes to digital services, how can bundling save you a bundle?

  • because you pay for services separately
  • because you get promotional discounts
  • because you can only use one service at a time

What's a reliable and quiet location to access free Internet service?

  • a popular restaurant
  • a public library
  • a doctor's office

How can you watch your favorite shows if you cancel your television services?

  • a big box retailer that sells TVs
  • at your nearest relative's house
  • online

What's a free way to view movies at home?

  • ask the local thrift store for surplus movies
  • rent them from the public library
  • order them through the mail

What's the best way to save money when using an e-reader?

  • that's not possible
  • read slowly
  • download loaner books

If you're not ready to cancel your television and Internet but you want to lower your bills, what's the next logical step?

  • downsize
  • start a savings account instead
  • ask for an upgrade

How can watching less TV save money in other ways?

  • You'll eat fewer chips.
  • You'll spend more time sleeping and less time shopping.
  • You won't be bombarded by advertising.

If you use your Internet connection primarily for Facebook, e-mail and casual browsing, what's the best Internet speed for you?

  • 2 mbps
  • 10 mbps
  • more than 10 mpbs

How can a la carte ordering cut your television bill?

  • You'll quit watching TV.
  • You'll become a selective viewer.
  • You can't download shows legally.

How can you use, but not pay for, high-speed Internet?

  • use free WiFi
  • volunteer to be an Internet tester
  • keep each session under 2 minutes

Is it possible to negotiate television and Internet rates?

  • no
  • once in a blue moon
  • yes

What homework should you do before asking a service provider for a price break?

  • practice multiplication tables
  • compare competitor rates
  • track how many sitcoms you watch each week

What's the most definitive way to know how taxes and fees will impact your television and Internet bill?

  • call the FCC
  • get out your calculator
  • ask for a sample bill

Which extra expense should you be wary of when switching Internet or television providers?

  • a set-up fee
  • a premium channel fee
  • an overage fee

How can owning a tablet lower your television bill?

  • You'll watch less TV.
  • You can research your favorite shows.
  • You can watch your favorite shows online.

What's a digital sabbatical?

  • watching TV on Sundays
  • taking a break from digital devices
  • only using your smartphone

What other digital activity are people most likely to do while watching TV?

  • check e-mail
  • shop online
  • play "Angry Birds"

If you're not ready to cancel your television services, what can you try?

  • log on to the Internet more
  • lower the bandwidth
  • cancel premium channels

What's the best way to find a free WiFi hotspot?

  • search for an online directory of free WiFi hotspots
  • drive around until you find one
  • text your service provider