The Ultimate Tween Boys Room Ideas Quiz
by Staff
Decorating your tween boy's bedroom can be a challenge. As boys head toward manhood their tastes and styles may change. It is no easy task to choose decor that fits their likes and dislikes and creates a bedroom they enjoy being in. Take this quiz to see what you know about decorating a tween boy's room and learn some new ideas along the way.

What do boys start to discover in their tween years?

  • a desire to learn
  • their individuality
  • illicit drugs

Tween boys do not like to be perceived as what?

  • childish
  • cool
  • manly

What should you do with your tween boy's sports trophies?

  • Display them in the family room.
  • Put them away in storage.
  • Display them on a shelf in his bedroom.

If your tween is into sport, how might you paint his room?

  • in his favorite team's colors
  • in a neutral color to balance the bright sport accessories
  • in blue to help him feel masculine

What type of sports do tween boys particularly take interest in?

  • baseball
  • basketball
  • extreme sports

If you live inland, how might you bring the surf to your surf-loving tween?

  • Have a sandbox in the room.
  • Paint his room sea colors.
  • Place a tabletop fountain in the bedroom for a water noise.

How can you provide a fun way in the bedroom for your tween boy to make himself homework reminders?

  • Paint one wall with chalkboard paint.
  • Give him a pad of post-it notes.
  • Provide him with a funky school diary.

Tween hobbies can be used as a theme to decorate the bedroom. Which hobby will provide a good long-term investment when used as a theme?

  • music
  • cars
  • surfing

For a tween who plays an instrument, what is an important feature of the room?

  • large speakers
  • sound proof walls
  • a practice area

What might you hang on the walls instead of musical band posters?

  • sheet music
  • vinyl records
  • pictures of famous composers

If your tween son is very independent, what might be a good theme to create?

  • a college theme
  • a nightclub theme
  • a business theme

What type of bed might you use to create a college-style room?

  • a queen bed
  • a high-riser
  • a loft bed

What color theme might you use if your tween son has a particular college in mind?

  • Use the college colors.
  • Avoid the college colors.
  • Use neutral colors.

What is always a good option if you are not sure how to style your tween boy's bedroom?

  • Use a zigzag pattern.
  • Use a neutral design.
  • Leave it in his childhood design.

If you decide to leave the walls neutral, where is a good place to use color and design?

  • the bedding
  • your tween's clothes
  • the lighting