The Ultimate Tween Decorating Ideas to Avoid Quiz
by Staff
Tweens are rapidly becoming recognized as a distinct demographic with their own tastes and needs. But with this part of their lives lasting a relatively short period, is it worth decorating their bedrooms to accommodate them? And if so, how can you make the smartest design choices while also pleasing your children? Take this quiz to see what you know about what you shouldn't do when decorating for tweens.

Why are there now so many more options for decorating a tween's bedroom?

  • They’ve been targeted by marketing teams.
  • There are more tweens now than ever before.
  • They have started to express their opinions more.

What is the problem of designing a tween's room according to the current trends?

  • It's a high expense for only a short span of useful time.
  • Eco-consciousness means unnecessary expenditures.
  • Tweens will see through the obvious trendiness.

What is a great way to decorate using pop-culture subjects?

  • by using posters
  • by purchasing less-expensive imitations
  • by decorating only one wall with the theme

What is it worth spending more money on in your tween's bedroom?

  • furniture
  • wall murals
  • bed spreads and sheets

How can you upgrade your tween boy's room while still decorating with subjects that interest him?

  • using more sophisticated ways of displaying the same subjects
  • figuring out what a more adult version of those subjects might be
  • reducing the number of items in the room that relate to those subjects

What differentiates where tween boys and girls get inspiration for their room designs?

  • boys from friends or their own imaginations, girls from magazines and stores
  • boys from television and girls from their friends
  • boys from movies and books, girls from parents and relatives

Why should you decorate your tween's room using fun colors and patterns?

  • so it doesn't feel too grown-up
  • so it remains versatile for many years
  • so that it has an positive effect on their mood

How have furniture manufacturers met the needs of the tween market?

  • by building expandable furniture
  • by making furniture that is less expensive and more easily replaceable
  • by ignoring the currently fashionable trends

What might you need to do with a well-made dresser if you want you tween to like it now but also be able to use it for many more years?

  • paint it
  • compensate with many other tween-friendly accessories
  • put it in the closet until your tween grows older

Which tweens are more likely to have string opinions about what their rooms look like?

  • girls
  • boys
  • both equally

What will help you accommodate your tween's changing likes?

  • moveable furniture
  • cheaper furniture
  • wallpaper

What has raised the profile of tweens as a distinct market segment in America?

  • the Obama girls
  • Justin Bieber
  • Twilight

After privacy, what is a tween's most important need from a bedroom?

  • space
  • versatility
  • quiet

About what percent of tweens in the U.S. have their own cellphones?

  • 36 percent
  • 44 percent
  • 59 percent

What aspect of your tween's room should you probably not argue over, even if you disagree with his or her choice?

  • paint color
  • furniture
  • separation into a more private part of the house