The Twilight Book vs. Movie Quiz
by Staff
Think you know "Twilight" inside and out? Take our quiz to see if you can detect key differences between the blockbuster film and the novel that started it all.

Where do Bella and Edward share their first kiss in the film?

  • in the woods
  • in Bella's bedroom
  • in the school cafeteria

What nickname does Edward give Bella before running through the woods with her on his back in the film?

  • love bug
  • my love
  • spider monkey

What does Rosalie break when Bella visits the Cullen home in the film version of "Twilight?"

  • a bowl
  • a glass
  • a vase

In the novel, Edward bounces an apple off of his foot in the school cafeteria before catching the fruit in his hands.

  • TRUE

Where do Bella and her classmates visit while on a field trip in the film?

  • a greenhouse
  • a zoo
  • an aquarium

Which two book characters are combined to form the Eric you see on screen?

  • Edward and Emmett
  • Eric and Ben
  • Eric and Tyler

Which two female students are combined to create the film's version of Jessica?

  • Jessica and Angela
  • Jessica and Lauren
  • Alice and Angela

How many times do Edward and Bella say "I love you" to one another in the "Twilight" movie?

  • dozens
  • once
  • zero

What special power does Jasper display during the book?

  • mind reading
  • seeing the future
  • manipulating emotion

Which of these "Twilight" creations features characters surfing at First Beach during the visit to La Push?

  • movie
  • book
  • both

What is Waylon Forge doing when he is killed in the movie?

  • driving
  • fixing his boat
  • swimming

Where does Bella ditch Jasper and Alice to seek out James during the film?

  • school
  • the hotel
  • airport

In the book where are Bella and Edward when she reveals that she knows his secret?

  • at school
  • in the forest
  • in his car

What type of food do the Cullens cook for Bella when she comes to visit in the movie?

  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Indian

Who does Bella spray with pepper spray in the movie version of "Twilight?"

  • Edward
  • Jacob
  • James

What nickname does Rosalie give Emmett while playing baseball in the film?

  • spider monkey
  • monkey man
  • my little monkey

Who does most of the cooking for Bella and Charlie in the novel?

  • Bella
  • Charlie
  • Sue Clearwater

When do Laurent, Victoria and James first appear in the book?

  • at the dance studio
  • at the beach
  • at the baseball game

Who asks Bella to the dance early in the "Twilight" novel?

  • Tyler
  • Eric
  • Edward

Where does Bella work in the novel?

  • restaurant
  • sporting goods store
  • library

Why does Bella faint during biology class in the book?

  • She has to dissect a frog.
  • She has the flu.
  • She smells blood.

What is the name of the biology teacher in the "Twilight" book?

  • Mr. Banner
  • Mr. Molina
  • Mr. Varner

Each member of the Cullen family sports the Cullen family crest at all times in both the book and the movie.

  • TRUE

Who drives Bella to the airport for her trip to Forks in the movie?

  • Charlie
  • Edward
  • Phil

Where does Bella get her info on local vampire lore in the novel?

  • from Jacob
  • from a book
  • from Angela

What lines the walls of the Cullen's stairway in the "Twilight" movie?

  • expensive paintings
  • graduation caps
  • pictures of famous vampires

How does Bella listen to music in the book?

  • tape player
  • CD player
  • MP3 player

Where does the Forks High School prom take place in the movie?

  • school gym
  • at a park
  • a fancy hotel

Which angry vampire appears at the prom to spy on Bella and Edward in the movie?

  • Laurent
  • Victoria
  • James

Where can eagle-eyed fans spot Stephanie Meyer in the movie?

  • diner
  • school
  • grocery store