The Ultimate Twilight Quiz
by Staff
Are you a sparkly Twi-hard or a pale imitation? Take this "Twilight" quiz to test your knowledge of the books, films and trivia.

In what class does Bella sit next to Edward the first day of school?

  • auto repair
  • typing
  • biology

How do the Cullens differentiate themselves from other vampires?

  • They're nicer.
  • They're "vegetarians."
  • They're taller.

How many (adopted) Cullen children are there?

  • three
  • five
  • nine

The Denali vampires shared what with the Cullens?

  • They shunned non-vampires.
  • They were related to Carlisle.
  • They were also vegetarian.

What frustrates Edward about Bella?

  • She plays stupid in class.
  • He can't read her mind.
  • She thinks he's a bad student.

What do vampires really need in order to play baseball?

  • old-timey uniforms
  • aluminum bats (because you don't want them to closely resemble wooden stakes)
  • thunder

How did Stephenie Meyer come up with the idea for the "Twilight" books?

  • a psychic told her she would write a vampire novel
  • a dream
  • Harry Potter fan fiction

Where did Bella have to hide out from James in "Twilight?"

  • Phoenix
  • Santa Fe
  • Albuquerque

What part of Bella is bitten by James, prompting Edward to heroically suck the poison out?

  • her neck
  • her foot
  • her wrist

How did Stephenie Meyer choose Forks, Washington, for the location of the series?

  • She was paid by Forks to put the town in the story.
  • She lived there as a child.
  • She googled the place with the most rainfall in the U.S.

Edward plays what song for Bella on the piano?

  • "Bella's Waltz"
  • "Bella's Lullaby"
  • "Bella's Theme"

How old is Edward in the book?

  • 16
  • 18
  • 17

In "New Moon," what are the situations that prompt Bella to hear Edward's voice in her head?

  • dangerous, adrenaline-filled escapades
  • quiet solitary moments
  • when music plays

How does Edward attempt to kill himself in "New Moon"?

  • He tries to shoot himself with a silver bullet.
  • He tries to expose himself as a vampire.
  • He drinks tainted blood.

What Native American tribe does Jacob belong to?

  • Sioux
  • Quileute
  • Coeur d'Alene

How do shape-shifters like Jacob find their soulmates?

  • imprinting
  • arranged marriages
  • They never find a partner.

Who does Jacob imprint on?

  • Edward
  • Bella
  • Renesmee

What Cullen member doesn't vote for Bella to become a vampire?

  • Esme
  • Rosalie
  • Emmett

In the films, all the Cullens visibly distinguish themselves in what way?

  • They all wear the Cullen family crest.
  • They all wear only white.
  • They all have piercing green eyes.

What animal is in the Cullen family crest?

  • lion
  • bear
  • bat

What happens when Jacob tries to kiss Bella in "Eclipse?"

  • She moves her face quickly, so he pecks her cheek and it's totally awkward.
  • She kisses him back.
  • She punches him.

Who replaced Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria in the film version of "Eclipse?"

  • Claire Danes
  • Emma Stone
  • Bryce Dallas Howard

What is a "newborn" vampire?

  • a person born of vampire parents
  • a person made a vampire less than a year before
  • a vampire that was bit as a child

What does Victoria do in an attempt to kill Bella?

  • creates an army of newborn vampires to attack the Cullens and Jacob's pack
  • feeds her a poison apple
  • tries to strangle her

Who surprises Bella by showing up at her wedding?

  • Jacob
  • her mother
  • a drunk uncle

What rather unromantic memento is left after Bella and Edward's wedding night?

  • a large bill for the alcohol at the reception
  • a bunch of dirty dishes
  • bruises on Bella's body

Why does Edward finally turn Bella into a vampire?

  • She tricks him into biting her during a tickle fight.
  • She bugged him so much about it, he finally gave in.
  • She would've died in childbirth if she wasn't turned.

What special power does Renesmee have?

  • She can fly.
  • She can place thoughts in others' minds.
  • She doesn't have any special powers; she's just a cute kid.

What is the name of the other peaceful half-human, half-vampire that proves that Renesmee isn't a threat?

  • Nahuel
  • Jacward
  • Houlihan

How does Bella finally show Edward she loves him?

  • She removes her mind shield.
  • She dies for him.
  • She writes him a haiku.